Friday, May 6, 2016

Written In Stars Above

Written In Stars Above
2016 04 06

These endless hallways of disguised despair 
that hide me wandering down memory lane, 
lead on by signs pointing home nowhere, 
fail to lock the door of accusing rain. 

Each book I open in cold silent room 
disperses buzzing words on wings of flies 
who steal each ray of sunlight from my gloom 
and hide them frozen in your sky-blue eyes. 

We are not made of burlap sacks and straw, 
sewn with tangled thread woven from grape vines, 
and wish to replace masks forged without flaw 
with sea-worthy ships hacked from mountain pines. 

Nothing you say can convince me to climb 
treeless mountain of horrible contempt 
unless you disguise laws with divine rhyme 
that reveal results of my failed attempt. 

I built this house with hands of bloodied hope 
to protect my daughters from laughing thieves 
but now I dangle from my twisted rope 
over abyss cluttered with desperate leaves. 

Why ask me to assemble broken thoughts 
from puzzling fragments of lost memories 
when I prefer to design new robots 
who will never die without coded keys. 

Keep this spotted egg warm, next to your breast, 
for therein transforms from blood of my soul 
terrible demon with gold-feathered crest 
who wears my human face kept in this scroll. 

I know you think I am your father who 
taught you secrets of fire and fruit trees, 
but listen close to this ambitious clue 
to learn how you were born from angel bees. 

Yet still you misunderstand each word I say, 
because you are my son, sired by my seed, 
so peer in this jewel to see divine ray 
that beams hidden safe in orthodox creed. 

Descend to underworld on signless road 
and search for your face in cavern of fear 
to extract wisdom from gold shining lode 
and comprehend size of our spinning sphere. 

Each sparkle of light that beams from the sun 
clusters in raindrops that soak soil of Earth 
which transforms into apples, by wind spun 
from spirit of love to nourish rebirth. 

Each door that leads you forward one more day 
spirals you backward on way of desire 
till you embark on ship from wave-soaked quay 
and sail to Heaven to join ancient choir. 

This city of towers forged from steel and glass 
we built on graves of our fathers from faith 
each new life we graduate one more class 
till we evolve form into deathless wraith. 

You will not find written in holy books 
read by people who pray in church of lies 
these secrets concealed by preachers and crooks 
except what you decode with your own eyes. 

Wear this cloak sewn from the skin of bold wolf 
and run through forest of illusions swift 
till you stand in free wind by strange bright gulf 
where she will reveal deep bottomless rift. 

Wear your hair long as the gold willow leaves 
and carve your wand from the bone of the oak 
and chant ancient spells till your son perceives 
vision of truth woven on your long cloak. 

Follow this river from the sparkling sea 
winding around hills where apple trees grow 
to find the cave where first mother set free 
our souls to sing visions where clear stars glow. 

When I pluck this string, forged from pure sunlight, 
hum your voice in harmony with its ring, 
and when you soar with winged horse in flight 
accept whatever visions your words sing. 

Though every four years in cycle of time 
arrogant men fight over who plays king, 
preserve stories of heroes in strong rhyme 
that shows who deserves to wear the Word Ring. 

This world where we dwell continues to spin 
and each new generation born from love 
plays old drama how who loses will win 
and whose name is written in stars above. 

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