Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lightless Gloom Of Hope

Lightless Gloom Of Hope
© Surazeus
2016 05 25

We trudged together on the signless road
and though the wingless angel of time fell
we climbed aboard the iron horse and rode
doorless labyrinth to the farming dell.

How many of us, without perfect eyes,
fell alone in the lightless gloom of hope,
and lay unchanging under starless skies,
then sang prophecies from the fruit tree rope.

I give you mask I wore at the church dance
when angels and devils swore loyal faith,
and you play me on stage in laughing trance
to prove at last that I am now a wraith.

We are not ready for this new world war
so we play must chess on the clockless beach
till our Fairy Queen knocks on the cracked door
and sends me back home with new book to teach.

I write another bible you will need
to comprehend weird calculus of truth
so stand before congregation to read
secret of happiness retaining youth.

He smears mud with seeds on our holy book
and from its pages grows an apple tree
so when Rapunzel sings spells from her rook
we will vote for her to set us all free.

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