Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Rise On Angel Wings

Rise On Angel Wings
14 April 2007
Lansing, Michigan

When Persephone shaves her golden locks bald
and Apollon is crippled blind by road-side bomb
who will rise on angel wings from slough of despond
beaming visions from crystal-eyed cameras of truth
to record old castles of power crumbling in winds
that howl from gaping mouth of Money Moloch
hungry for blood and oil from your weeping eyes.

When lost children watch television cartoon
and Mars comes home brain-damaged from war
who will rise on angel wings from broken empire
guiding lawyers and doctors on empty highways
who clutch silent cell phones and blank tablets
unable to gaze in bright eyes of their colleagues
when they find rainbow over burned-out church.

When Venus is kidnapped and sold as a whore
and Athena works nine to five in a greasy cafe
who will rise on angel wings from television eye
reporting truth about corrupt men in White House
who cling terrified to golden god mask of lies
that hide their vampire teeth from Common Man
who watches football drinking beer at end of time.

When Zeus orchestrates another holy crusade
and anorexic Artemis struts on fashion runway
who will rise on angel wings from glossy magazines
organizing army of rich rappers and sports stars
to join crusade stealing oil of dinosaur machines
and establish democracy on bones of mad prophets
so all might slave in factories of capitalist kings.

When Saturn falls asleep in cool senate chamber
and Neptune sends planes to bomb Persian mosques
who will rise on angel wings from desert cavern
to investigate criminals of Arbusto family gang
though Junior tried to establish iron dictatorship
ruling glorious Fourth Reich for a thousand years
after he hurled planes of greed into Towers of Babel.

When Melusine rides on roaring Lion of Judah
and daughter of Jupiter wields sharp Excalibur
who will rise on angel wings from comfortable couch
following bold banner of White Dragon to defend
our sacred rights of honest speech and free will
and wrestle faceless minister of oppressive control
to break chains of ten million credit card slaves.

When Hera rides Pegasus over Sumerian ziggurats
and King David plays harp on ruins of Manhattan
who will rise on angel wings from plutonium mines
to hurl a thousand nuclear missiles of hot death
that will obliterate all life on our spinning globe
except for one apple tree sprouting in parking lot
of a glass shopping mall full of dancing skeletons.

When Narcissus wakes up from drugged-out haze
and Mercury shoots up another high school gang
who will rise on angel wings from corporate maze
to program a new religion of historical world views
so prophecies from Astarian Scriptures may inspire
wandering Children of Israel who left gasless cars
to build a New Washington in fertile Oregon hills.

When Virgin of Guadalupe offers her Holy Grail
and Richard Lion-Heart sings into a microphone
who will rise on angel wings from crowded jail
fomenting revolution of prisoners against blind law
to ski on waves drowning Los Angeles and New York
though Trebla calculator robot of statistical poems
prays for salvation from Blue Fairy of plastic eyes.

When Al Werewolf wears crown of Charlemagne
and Little Red Riding Hood is elected President
who will rise on angel wings from dark Notre Dame
bearing torch of liberty to illuminate Way of Truth
though tablet of stone bearing sacred Bill of Rights
was broken and cast down by Bible-thumping goons
until Robin Hood funds free health care for everyone.

When Ariadne leads me back from Caves of Hell
and Cinderella places plastic crown on my head
who will rise on angel wings from crumbled church
proclaiming new laws to govern chaos of desire
and channel hot lava to mold faster computer chips
so Buddha Christ patrolling on flying police saucer
may record drama of human life in metropolitan hive.

When Alice pushes me backward into Wonderland
and Orpheus gives me ring of his diseased bride
who will rise on angel wings from hospital bed
reborn from death in whirling galactic eye of light
to walk cement streets of America without Bible
and preach moral values but not accept donations
though worshippers carve stone statues of my face.

When Sargon stumbles off ziggurat of world power
and Krishna expands beyond body shell of flesh
who will rise on angel wings from cathedral skull
taming dragon of war to preside over marriage rite
that couples people of many nations into one tribe
so children born from Sacred Egg and Holy Spirit
populate Eden tending fruit trees by Lake of Dreams.


  1. One of the many songs I wrote in the style of the Dylanesque satire, reposted in honor of the 75th birthday of Bob Dylan