Saturday, May 7, 2016

Who Will Play Our God

Who Will Play Our God
© Surazeus
2016 05 07

Once I realized everything I believed
was all wrong and based on deceptive lies,
I dismantled cathedral of my faith
and rebuilt on reason new hall of truth.

Behind every bright article of faith
embossed with deceptive glow of belief
that blinded my eyes with confusing lie
I found deeper truth based on solid facts.

I see real world of objects that perform
actions according to physical laws,
while people talk words that deceive my eyes
with glamorous mist of religious creed.

I know they are not trying to deceive me
for they were deceived when people before
told them what they heard their own parents claim
and so truth transforms through dreams of our minds.

We inherit world view our parents dreamed
based on stories their own parents relayed
but we redesign their world view based on facts
when we investigate world we perceive.

I stare at wall of wisdom painted whole
with pictures of hero they claim is god
then paint faces of people who live now
to preserve stories of their deeds and words.

We gather from rain under stoa roof
to roast beef on grill and drink sparkling wine
then sing tales of heroes who defeat
monsters and men who try to destroy us.

Turmoil of revolution when we choose
new person to play god of our great tribe
we harness through process every four years
of election to balance spin of change.

Every tribe chooses someone to play god
whose face glows clear with divine soul of truth
but when they die divine soul dissipates
so we choose yet another to play god.

Each religion that preserves tales of man
who saved their tribe from destruction of death
presents him as immortal god in king
but each new generation needs new god.

We elevated mortal man as god
but he believed delusion and succumbed
to haughty pride and crowned his young son king
who killed anyone who refused to bow.

We overthrew all gods and kings in war
for liberty from horror of their faith
when they killed all who refused to believe
and now we elect who will play our god.

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