Monday, May 16, 2016

Ghost Of Light

Ghost Of Light
© Surazeus
2016 05 16

Light flashes gold eyes of infinite truth
as sun rays bounce off wind-shimmering waves
rippled by wind of my spiritual breath
when I sit on stone and gaze at small lake
to dream memories my ancestors stored
in genetic coils that weave my bright soul.

I sense someone standing close by my side
in waking dream so I turn to express
secret name carved on white stone but flash
of sunlight on wind-rippled pond unveils
ghost of their featureless face when my brain
conjures their phantom to keep me alert.

One trillion people who live on this globe
over one hundred thousand years of lust
eat apples that sparkle with sun and rain
so their brains assemble from rays of light
model of this world and people they love
which appear in dim flashes of my dreams.

We walk together along river shores
that wind around hills tangled with grape vines
so long on path of five hundred life times
our brains develop sensitive radar
that conjures their presence as shining ghost
which sparkles whenever I drift in sleep.

Through trees I see shimmering ghost of light
so I walk forward to blaze trail of truth
while my loving heart beats wings of desire
and my eyes envision woman in gown
of white silk and crown studded with twelve gems
then call her true name in silence of hope.

I stand alone on shore of sunlit lake
and see image of woman I desire
dissolve to flickering beams on lake waves
that flash across surface of watching eye
in regular pattern of circling coils
that beam threads of atoms to bind my soul.

Ghost of light leads me through vast labyrinth
of roads that thread across flowering plains
and doors that open to rooms where I paint
faces of every ancestor who dreams
their memories flashing inside my brain
to reveal secrets of social calculus.

I dream endless waves of cause and effect
when people wear persona mask of names
and appear from door to speak without words
we invent in dictionary of dreams
to explain archetypes designed with shapes
that blossom from fruit trees on river shore.

I am your ghost of light, she whispers soft
while caressing my mind with hands of rain
till I spring from soil of lost memories
and metamorphose as father to son
from Helius to Hamlet and beyond flesh
so I evolve from fish to man to God.

I shall evolve into bright ghost of light
that sparkles from intricate web of wires
woven by atoms of clear conscious eyes
into neural network where virtual world
shimmers in weird universe of my brain
where we sit together and watch light dance.

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