Thursday, May 12, 2016

Own My Soul

Own My Soul
2016 05 12

I wake at dawn and drive to work
and operate machines
while children play in bright schoolyards
and rich men buy my soul.

I work till dusk then drive back home
and watch weird teevee shows
while newsmen talk of wars and doom
and rich men sell my soul.

I work all day to pay for bills
so I can eat and sleep
so I can work until I die
while rich men own my soul.

If I refuse to work for cash
and never pay bills more
I wander down the signless road
across the homeless land.

I walk on down the signless road
in search for paradise
that shines somewhere beyond dark hills
where rivers sing my soul.

I wander down the signless road
now nameless town to town
and play guitar where people walk
who give me back my soul.

I have no family or home
outside the walls of town
so I walk down the signless road
and cherish my free soul.

I wake at dawn and walk the road
that leads to your old town
and sing to make you laugh and cry
for now I own my soul.

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