Friday, May 6, 2016

Every Dreaming Mind

Every Dreaming Mind
© Surazeus
2016 05 06

Swift luminous streams of clear mirror words
spiral slow in languid joy of delight
from beaming laughter of my needle eyes
which weave tapestry of atoms in web
of blinking stars I feel inside my skin
that links my mind to every dreaming mind.

I wave both hands in wild elegant dance
to gesture play of puppets in release
of flowing wings that coil through tuneful bones
quick expressive spirit that connects tight
in woof of sentient words we try to sing
my lonely mind to every dreaming mind.

We exchange masks of faces we invent
to play roles forbidden by ancient laws
of old blind prophets in cold tower of stone
who taught us how to deceive with words
and buy with silver coins dreams we design
that binds my mind with every dreaming mind.

From flash of sunlight through tall willow tree
appears dainty woman with radiant hair
who whispers secret I should not forget
hidden in silver beams of waterfall,
teaching me secret of eternal life
that weaves my mind with every dreaming mind.

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