Sunday, April 24, 2016

Waves Of Harmonious Love

Waves Of Harmonious Love
© Surazeus
2016 04 24

The real world all around me I perceive
Ishtar weaves with spiritual threads of light
in shimmering fabric of atomic skin
that pulse with heartbeat of harmonious love.

Organic bodies surge in waves of light
to manifest eternal forms of hope
in temporary bodies hot with lust
that merge to generate children of love.

When seed of aggressive desire sparks life
dreaming egg eye bulges into new shape
who emerges to devour material forms
in constant transformation of wild love.

Surface of our spinning globe billows thick
with organic bodies who wake from dream
and swallow each other in war of power
to replicate their bodies from fierce love.

We replicate our bodies in wild waves
that bubble from gushing rivers of need
so we shine our hour of passionate life
then burst in mute darkness of death from love.

We rise up from unconscious gloom of hate
to battle others who attack our bodies
hungry to devour rich souls to gain power
then dance free in waves of harmonious love.

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