Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Epic Of Our Human Race

Epic Of Our Human Race
© Surazeus
2016 04 06

The only reason I am interested
in knowing the details about your race
is because, when I gaze into your face,
I see the contours of mountains and lakes
that trace the trail of survival and hope
where your ancestors walked across our globe
these past ten thousand years of spinning life
since we all left our homeland on the Nile,
spreading outward over mountains and deserts,
riding horses across snow-frosted steppes,
driving wagons through jungles to broad bays,
sailing ships on rivers and across seas,
building ziggurats, temples, castles, towers,
and highways that connect our city nests
in one vast shimmering web of singing words,
and in your eyes I recognize my soul
as our descendants merge into new children
who join hands in circle around bright fire
and share stories of our journeys through life
that compose epic of our human race.

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