Thursday, April 21, 2016

Each Atom Of My Soul

Each Atom Of My Soul
© Surazeus
2016 04 21

I remember when I was a young star
swirling into perfect sphere of desire,
and collected enough quivering atoms
that my heart sparked bright to beam clear starlight.

Spiraling forward into boundless space,
I sang exquisite joy of glowing hot
to twirl in dance of bright magnetic wings,
and fired rays of light at infinite night.

I leaped from glowing sphere on coils of light
to accelerate wild in elegant dance,
shooting up high from bulging sphere of flames
where I floated languid in shimmering joy.

I hurled balls of gas on taut springing coils
that swirled into planets bulging with fire
which cooled hard when I sprinkled them with rain
that sloshed and splashed in surging waves of laughter.

I opened eye in swirling sea of light
and swam toward giant eye of glowing love
where we coiled into strands of twanging spines
and divided into ten thousand eyes.

I swam up river to rest on warm jewel
where I saw myself born from beams of light,
then sang aching sorrow of birth and death
while reaching small hand toward bright distant star.

I rose from lake of dreams at dawn of time
and reached both hands toward glowing sphere of light
to pluck fresh ripe apple from tree of life
and drink nutritious juice of sun and rain.

I climbed sprawling tree to ascend toward light,
swinging from vines in forest of cool winds,
and sang melody of pleasure with love
while I cuddled you in adoring arms.

When serpent with sharp teeth and flapping wings
struck at me to poison my heart with hate,
I grasped stick and stone to defend fruit tree,
crippling its wings and then crushing its skull.

Born without a tail, I fell from great height,
and ran with wolves along river of light,
then hunted cows on plains to drink sweet milk
while dancing around ring of glowing fire.

I swam in surging waves of aching hope,
swirling arms and legs round to walk upright,
then ran on beach of birds to collect eggs
and drew pictures of your cute face in sand.

I molded mud in bricks to build square mound
where we sat chanting in beams of starlight,
crushing wheat grain to bake warm loaves of bread
and squishing grapes to brew sweet honey wine.

I ate white mushroom on rotten tree trunk
and sang bright visions that sparkled my eyes,
describing evolution of all life
from birth of Solaria inside my brain.

I flew from swirling sun on wings of light,
swam through dark surging sea on hands of waves,
walked over fertile soil on feet of stone,
and sang my mind awake on tongues of wind.

I feel sparkles of stars inside my body,
pulsing in every atom of my being,
for neurons of my brain weave galaxies
to project vision of our universe.

I remember when I was a young star,
beams of starlight coiling into our world,
for history of expanding universe
glows awake in each atom of my soul.

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