Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Think About Love

Think About Love
2016 04 20

I walk dim labyrinth of city streets
where doppelganger of ambitious hopes
follows me in flash of glass tower doors,
and give blank resumes to robot kings.

I shout invented lyrics with mad beats
while hanging from sailing ship on tight ropes
then wander, muttering spells, on misty moors
to forge from despair thirteen magic rings.

I swipe from gutter your discarded words
and forge new poetry of broken rules
to weave new angel wings so I can fly
to real fantasy land inside my head.

I gather restless cows in docile herds
and send my children to new magic schools
where they map geometry of our eye
though I remind you I am still not dead.

Events gouge holes of sorrow in my heart
then tears of rain fill them with loving hope
so you can kneel and drink dreams of my song
that fuels engine of your sparkling brain.

I load all I own on old creaking cart
and travel lost road where coyotes lope,
hoping search for truth will not take too long
while I trudge singing in relentless rain.

When I sit in quiet library hall,
with books on languages and alphabets,
I transform into hobbit on great quest
to find gem that reveals new birth of stars.

You cannot hang my picture on your wall
nor list me among your sacred prophets
for I want to sit in cool cave and rest,
and write songs about how to design cars.

Plato places model horse in my hand
while Jung explains key of its arcane code,
so I follow foal among apple trees
and she nuzzles my cheek with her soft nose.

I lay stones in large ring to bound my land
where I plant garden along busy road
and offer honey nectar brewed by bees
to travelers who rest and admire my rose.

I will tell you every secret I know,
revealing weird mystery of life and death
when men and women reincarnate souls
in children who preserve dreams of our minds.

Young girl laughs as she dances in new snow
then teaches me how to spiral deep breath
while drinking honey wine from golden bowls
in temple ruins where grapes sprout on vines.

This hour I wake and sing with timeless joy
expands sweet billows of my binding soul
to embrace this planet twirling in space,
woven by Sun Spider from beams of light.

God cannot play with me like mindless toy
for I am God as part of changing whole
whose heart beats rhythm of swift leaping race
to soar from mountain on high wingless flight.

I am talking lump of atomic sparks
seething with energy of hungry lust
who leaps in elegant dance of defense,
singing as I fight to preserve my life.

Each Sunday I take my children to parks
where we paint lipstick on stern statue bust
of noble hero who built private fence,
then place crown of gems on head of my wife.

Follow me through another door of thought
for I am Janus, divine two-faced clown,
who recites endless epic on great search
for wisdom about nature of all things.

After wars of religion have been fought
over who plays god in this nowhere town,
gather with me in our new godless church
and think about love while our angel sings.

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