Monday, April 11, 2016

Blank Eyes Of Goddess Death

Blank Eyes Of Goddess Death
© Surazeus
2016 04 11

So many people all around me stand
flat as cardboard characters who stare blank
through wavering shadow smoke of my soul
till I reach out and touch their hands, then spark
of spoken words resurrect them from dream
and they puff alive with breath of desire.

I feel as if my soul were ancient flame
that slithers through bodies life after life
like fragile thread that connects many minds
in necklace of pearls, or clusters of grapes
that sustain this body with juice of rain
and sunlight while I dance in gusting wind.

But pungent scent of electric rain jolts
my body awake, so I spring alive
from painting on your wall, from photograph
you snapped of my face when I walked alone,
thus I know now this body is my home
that sustains my soul while it operates.

I build home of stone on lush river shore
and welcome all who wander by on road
of business to sit awhile in bright hall
where I serve platters of sustaining food,
and cups of soul-enchanting juice, then play
music that soothes your travel-weary mind.

I listen to strange story of your life
and dream each moment you savor sweet truth,
and become you for that hour when your voice
conjures vision of this world within words
so though you continue walking your road
you stay with me forever in fruit grove.

Whenever I stand alone in cold wind
I feel slant of light from eternal sun
weave wings of joy, so I stretch my arms high
toward infinite sky of my watching eye,
and savor sweetness of sun on my skin
since I was light and will be light again.

Alone in grove of apple trees on shore
of listening lake I sing visions of life,
and when I cease I feel resonate clear
consciousness in every atom that spins
in spiraling dance of dirt in sunbeams
where I stand empty and fragile as mist.

My toes sprout roots down to heart of this globe
that spins with dizzy speed in empty void,
and I transform into tree sprouting fruit,
so pluck songs from my hands and taste sweet rain
that drips in bright tears of sorrowing song
and I will wake inside your dreaming mind.

I am everything that exists in form
designed from atoms pulsing with hot light,
yet I cannot wake unless tangled wires
of your brain sparkle with conscious desire,
so, though you are outside dream of my mind,
kiss me and hold me in your beating heart.

Blank eyes of Goddess Death stare in my brain
so I feel wild gleaming light of my soul
seething in hot blood through wings of my veins
each time I breathe in cold spirit of hope
and drink flashing stars from river of eyes
till I sink in dreamless flow and dissolve.

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