Thursday, April 28, 2016

Just A Country Girl

Just A Country Girl
2016 04 28

Running across four lanes of busy street,
Alexis crosses her arms and legs tight
on park bench to eat small salad for lunch
under sapling oak full of chirping birds.

"While everyone around me in this world
argues all the time about politics,
shouting at each other in fuming rage,
and calling each other insulting names,
I want to escape crowded city streets
and sit by myself by small country stream,
listening to soothing tunes of its music,
while I get in touch with spirit of life.
My head is buzzing from dark angry vibes,
and my eyes are clouded by gruesome scenes
of endless death I see on nightly news
that cause my heart to weep with aching sorrow.
I am just a country girl in my heart,
longing to escape hectic city life
to care for my horses on a lush ranch
and ride them every day on quiet hills.
Alone I feel immensity of space
and savor harmony of quiet peace
that restores love energy of my heart
and reconnects my soul to this vast world."

Returning to work in tall office tower,
Alexis prepares report of monthly sales
and shining cars glide fast on interstate
while she dreams of riding her gentle horse.

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