Saturday, April 2, 2016

Slant Of Light

Slant Of Light
© Surazeus
2016 04 02

While I am strolling country road alone,
wrapped in long black coat from blustering wind,
I pause by ancient house that seems to glow
with mystery in pale wintry slant of light.

From sudden gust of swirling mist appears
black carriage that seems driven by mute Death
which stops, and from it, veiled in black lace dress,
steps ethereal girl in bright slant of light.

Slender as sapling of frail willow tree,
lithe as swift fawn in secret lakeside glade,
graceful as white swan on star-spangled lake,
she moves toward me into gold slant of light.

Beyond this melancholy world of fear,
caress of her hand on my beating heart
transports my soul on light wings of sweet song
so we fold time and space in slant of light.

At harmonious ring of her spelling voice,
I transcend enclosing bounds of this world
and become vibrant atoms of existence
that beam woven real by her slant of light.

I gaze out from eyes of all conscious  souls
and see myself alive in every face,
dreaming joy and sorrow of every tale
preserved by memories in our slant of light.

I become aware of you and your name
wherever you breathe on vast spinning globe
and you see me in mirror of all eyes
which invent this world from true slant of light.

I blink when Emily kisses my cheek
and slips raven-feather quill in my hand
then gestures I carve words on mountain cliffs
that shimmer songs in timeless slant of light.

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