Saturday, June 3, 2017

Our Indifferent Universe

Our Indifferent Universe
© Surazeus
2017 06 02

Our vast universe pulsing with huge stars,
composed of nothing more than flashing atoms,
may be indifferent to our frail existence,
since swirling spheres of burning helium
psyche not with consciousness like our brains,
but I care about every soul alive.

The flames of light that blast from pulsing stars
spiral into planets which cradle seas
like cauldron brewing stew of chemicals
where rings of carbon rainbow into coils
of deoxyribonucleic acid who wakes
into single-celled eyeball of First Mother
who created all living souls on Earth.

Swimming toward the orgiastic light of love,
we race each other into eye of dreams
where helix flashes lattice of soul beams
to replicate itself in web of bulbs
which eye as grapes on curling vine of minds
and thus transform to hungry tetrapod
who crawls river of light to sparkling lake.

Atoms evolve into organic minds
who perceive ourselves mirrored in our eyes
to reincarnate when sperm activates
mechanic soul of operating rings
so egg mutates through each transforming state
of physical change when bodies evolve
from one-eyed cell to two-eyed tetrapod.

Our universe may be indifferent,
not caring whether we all live or die,
but we frail humans care about each other,
so we conjugate minds and work together
to construct paradise in wilderness
of hungry death, and thus celebrate life
through feast and song in social fellowship.

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