Monday, June 19, 2017

In Her Blue Eyes

In Her Blue Eyes
© Surazeus
2017 06 20

When I arrive back at my cottage home
after five years fighting wars for our king
and see gold light glowing warm from my hearth,
I rush through the door I built with my hands
to embrace my wife in my loving arms
but find her in bed with another man.

I stare shocked in surprise to see my wife,
whose brown eyes often gazed at me with love
when we gathered honey from the oak tree,
gasping as the strange man thrust in her heart,
but when she sees my shocked face she shouts wild
and covers her face to hide from my eyes.

I shout loud, "Release now my faithful wife,
and leave this cottage I built with my hands,"
but he grips my throat and snarls in my face,
"This house and woman are mine now, so leave,
or I will crush your head with river stone
and bury you deep in my field of wheat."

He throws me out of my own cottage home
and locks tight the door I made with my hands,
so I rise from mud and walk in dark rain,
remembering when I first saw her brown eyes
and when we kissed under the willow tree
and when she held me tight in the moonlight.

Heart aching with sorrow from bitter loss
to lose my faithful wife and home I built,
I wander lost in wilderness of hope,
plotting to beat him, then reclaim my wife
and drive that cruel stranger from my warm hearth,
but weep in despair on silent lake shore.

Through swirling mist that floats on silver lake,
piercing my heart with ache of longing hope,
I hear sweet voice of some woman ring clear
when she sings on moonlight of my despair,
so I walk through shadows of gold moonlight
and push aside the ivy veil to see.

Young woman with long gold hair and blue eyes
that flash with timeless sorrow of moonlight
stands alone in grove under apple tree,
arms spread wide and hands reaching to the stars,
and sings harmonious melody of joy,
expressing sweet spirit of faithful love.

Enchanted by the moonlight in her eyes,
I float on wings of mist on star-white grass
and stand ten thousand years in silver mist
to gaze down deep in abyss of her soul
where ocean waves of sweet joy swirl around
and flush all aching sorrow from my heart.

She reaches both arms out to hold my hands
and pulls me closer to her heaving breast
and deep inside her body I can feel
the pulsing heartbeat of her longing love
and then our lips touch soft as feather wings
so we become one nameless gleam of light.

She lies back on the dew-wet grass of night
and pulls me deep inside her trembling heart
so we embrace in moonlight of desire
and all the anguish of my bitter loss
flushes outward from fountain of my heart
in aching pang of passion through vast sky.

Wild surging ocean waves of endless joy
flow gushing through the rivers of our hearts
as we express in wordless songs of love
sweet pleasure that pervades the star-white sky
and in the tune of rivers flashing rays
we sing the aching passion of our eyes.

Then when our soul-searing passion is spent,
we gasp for breath in early morning breeze
that cools our bodies clasping in desire,
and from our open eyes we stare surprised,
then smile and kiss beneath the apple tree
as soft white petals flutter in our hair.

Exchanging names in whispers at gold dawn,
we embrace each other with gentle arms
and caress each other with trembling hands,
and in her clear blue eyes I see the sky
enclosing all the world of my lost hopes,
then slide my fingers through her golden hair.

"I am born again in your loving arms,
so I pledge the loyal love of my heart
that I am yours forever in this world,
the faithful guardian of your hearth and home,
for though I lost everything I held dear
I found you, greatest treasure in this world."

Holding hands, we walk side by side all day,
storing in baskets ripe apples and herbs
we gather from lush meadows of our hearts,
then eat together on the flower hill
where gentle breezes swirl around our souls,
and there we kiss beyond the end of time.

Reliving perfect day for forty years,
we hold hands while we walk among the trees,
sing together in the gold morning light
while gathering apples and herbs from wet fields,
and feast together on the lush lake shore,
then make love in the moonlight of our love,
and I float forever in her blue eyes.

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