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Barbie In A Mink Fur

Barbie In A Mink Fur
© Surazeus
20 June 1996
Miami Beach, Florida

Draped in a mink fur coat Barbie
strolls down side-walks of gold
past long dark alleys of Manhattan
where gaunt starving children fight
over Twinkies in plastic wrappers.

Wiping her tears she straightens
her tight skirt and breathes deep
to regain her bearing after five
army soldiers tried to rape her
at a hotel and she takes all cash
from their wallets which get tossed
on oil-muddy gutters as bombs fall.

Wandering lost in the parking lots
full of shimmering station wagon cars
a middle-aged housewife rips open
cans of tomatoes with her fingers
to drink the blood of factory machines.

Her little boy clutching red toy Volkswagen
runs laughing toward a flock of birds
that swirls away into the yellow sky.

Frowning Alfred Hitchcock stands knee-deep
in the shallow river of radioactive waste
skin pale as marshmallows in the plastic bag
eyes peering undaunted at the eye
of the camera while the plane screams
overhead toward Scotland that fades
to black and white on the torn-out page
of an encyclopedia full of broken statues.

The middle-aged housewife wanders
among the crowd of housewives who bow
before the television screen praying desperate
to the trinity of broadcasting companies.

Barbie wearing a mink fur coat strolls
through the factory of sweating young girls
chained to their desks in dark cold room
while red sun glitters bright on paradise
of towering mountains that loom in mist
of GuiLin where Kwan Yin weeps
among cherry trees over her dead lion.

Hands bleed as she struggles to make
tennis shoes faster as her pockets are empty
and her heart aches when her boyfriend
is murdered by rampaging Red Guards.

Buddha sits on red television screen
smiling down at three Angels of Charlie
who chase Shining Path guerillas
through the jungles of shopping malls
to hide among twisting cables that shimmer
with the Earth Dream of lost souls.

Gunshots shatter cathedral rose windows
to shards glittering on rain-wet streets
at midnight when Al Chicago King
conquers Illinois and flies south to relax
in Florida hills under blooming oranges.

Johnny Right plays baseball in Brooklyn
dodging swift to run home-run circles
raking in thousands of dollars in cash
from grateful gangsters who buy him
cars and homes in Texas hills
where oil bubbles black as dragon blood.

Leading his gang of bat boys Lord Johnny
battles Sheriff Chavez over abandoned
ranches and opens military schools
where Michael Jackson plays guitar
with Jimi Hendrix on stage in Heaven.

Carmen Miranda is found murdered
at dawn her fruit baskets stolen by thieves
and her unborn baby has small hands
that clasp for life at her wet skeleton
so they weep touching her shattered skull.

Barbie in a mink fur coat walks Paris streets
sniffing coke supplied by pimps who buy
cubist paintings from starving artists
sleeping under Seine bridges of marble.

Santa Clause rides his silver limousine
snoring blind to crowds of starving souls
huddled in alleyways using fridge boxes
as homes but drunk frat boys arrive
swinging baseball bats at vampire bats.

Princess Diana drives her silver sleigh
ringing bells through snow-cold streets
bringing hot apple pies to children
in bare garages who wire computers
for rich information barons in crystal halls
who attend cocktails with fat wives.

Marilyn Monroe looks out her window
at Desolation Row wondering how can I
help ease suffering children but when she dies
murdered by gangsters who shoot her veins
full of poisonous drugs her spirit finds
her mother in a nuthouse riding a tricycle
circles around a television of hissing snow.

I laugh because I weep Rainbow Jester
explains to crowds of dark children
in Central Park who beat him up
and steal his old battered guitar
but the Prophet of Pain runs
with wolves naked in concrete jungle.

Goddess of lost Angels peers intense
through sunglasses at shaggy-haired man
planning how to transform his raw strength
to construct a palace of mirrors
where children gather in shining gowns
to wash their faces and dance at noon
pawns on chessboard Amerika
toys for clowns in pinstripe suits
sitting on skull thrones of blind greed
in glass bank-computer towers
who manipulate market numbers
shutting factories so we the people
drive vans full of kids to Miami
to escape vampires in snow frosted streets
of Yankers where Barbi struts
before movie cameras in mink fur.

Prophet of Pain dances on blinking machines
when glass door opens to reveal Goddess
of Wolves wearing robe of bristling fur
to clasp his howling throat teaching him
how to speak prophecies of doom
then rides her silver chariot while he crouches
on top holding silver bars then leaps
onto Paris Fountain to howl her senseless words
waking windows on high marble wall tower
where eight hundred children repeat
his words with ringing laughter
praising Moon Priestess in mink fur.

Barbi growing old wrinkled yellow skin
rattles plastic pearls and leans close
over Prophet of Pain typing her words
on clacking machine filling blank white scrolls
with photos of women sipping tea
by Jerusalem walls discussing French fashion
when latest messiah to open eyes
beaming light flares of wisdom sits silent
among fluttering pigeons at noon
on empty plaza of Saint Peters Basilica
where Papa Bear huddles in white robes
shivering when chill winds stir restless
on desolate wastelands of Caspian mudflats
where Barbi hitchhikes in mink fur.

Draped in a mink fur robe Queen Barbi
secretary for elected government official
driven from office by television scandal mongers
eager to photograph her face appears
in Paris mist walking over bridge of sorrow
where lovers kiss in sweet afternoon wind
pungent with perfumes from truckload
of expensive bottles shattered to shards
on Rue de Mystere by lawns crowded
with children licking strawberry ice-cream.

Agent Dias grandson of Zeus and Godiva
wearing black overcoat and gray fedora sits
beside her on park bench setting slow
his briefcase then reads newspaper
for five minutes before taking her suitcase
but just as he steps aboard moving train
three agents pump him full of bullets
and jump in white Volvo taking black case
full of diamonds that flicker dreams
of dragons and gods and Angels and queens
so Barbi walks with ten thousand dollars
nowhere hours when she discovers
five men waiting to greet her at her door
so she buys a plane ticket to Miami Florida
wearing mink fur in sultry winter heat.

Goddess of Lost Angels kisses Prophet of Pain
teaching him how to worship her power
to create eternal life in new flesh
as Sun-Spider weaves conscious soul-flares
from molecules beaming web of sunlight
that billows from Heart of Crystal Cathedral
where she sits on Throne of Diamonds
surfing World Wide Web of Illusions
writing laws to preserve social patterns
helping girls and boys discover soul mates
who cuddle under fruit trees by rivers
till two boys argue over one girl and kill
each other staining paradise with blood.

Flowers bloom red from pungent buds
preserving fairies through winter chills
sleeping when snowflakes fall
from Heaven where orange-faced girl
in fur robe walks alone in blue twilight zone
belly swelling ripe with wiggling child
who consumes her blood and organs
to rise from her skeleton husk at spring
reborn fire-master crawling from cave
of eternal life to stand on snow-frosted hills
wearing long wolf fur robe to collect stones
in a ring casting bright red flames where crowds
of shivering Angels appear dancing wild
to keep close to warm diamond throne
worshipping PhoeNikes Flame Victor Girl
who beams distant sunlight through crystal Eye
to spark flames on Altar of Sacrifice.

PhoeNicia wearing royal fur robe
of King Fire-Master holds high
Diamond Eye staff when she finds
crowds of shivering cave-men who gather
to watch tall Witch beam sunlight
to spark flame on twigs so they gather
chanting her name a thousand years
after she disappears down endless road
leading to strange lands over distant hills
where dark men climbing high mountains
fly silver ships floating in Heaven
using her Diamond Eye to capture vision
of today on film preserving flicker
of her soul-flame beyond death
when her flesh crumbles to dust
and her wolf fur robe hangs
in a Manhattan dressing room
of a theater for her star shimmers
on Osorian hills of the golden bear.

Elizabeth wears crown of CleoPatra
riding silver barge flying through mid-Heaven
where Ginsberg scribbles verses
in Book of Laughter and death prophecies
kissing Walt Whitman who blushes delighted
to meet Star Queen who appears
at their table to welcome Santa Claws
to Manhattan for big party inviting Kofi Annan
Emperor of United Nations to share a bottle
of grape wine from Napa Valley
on gold Kalorn hills while Newt and Reno
neck on plastic couch where Ted Kennedy
holds severed head of secretary who drowned
in his wrecked car when he tried to kill her
when he plunged off Chapakwidik bridge
so Buddha meditates on red river shore.

PhoeNicia Flame Priestess arrives noon
at Athens where Princess Athena stands
by sparkling fountain counting fairies
who drowned in midnight raindrops
but her teacher says no those are insects
who suck blood from human vessels
so gaze bold in faces of strangers
to read their souls understanding their reasons
for wanting your twenty billion dollars
so Princess Athena says I want to build
hospitals to house homeless refugees
who flee with gangs of lost children
from distant lands when pirates patrol bays
to raid beaches where fishermen wrestle dragons
for gems that twinkle molecule visions
to record entire history of Earth evolution
when human eyes peer into Pool of Love.

Who is queen of Chessboard Amerika
for I see your face reflected in mirrors
when I turn around seven times at dawn
but my queen disappears into mist
and though I run through maze of palaces
and banks all day I never find her eyes.

Where are you great queen of Amerika
why are you hiding behind soft smile
of young girls who blush sweet and shy.

Where are you secret in your white dress
bored and alone with sad wallflowers
twiddling your fingers for you hide
your blazing eyes behind sunglasses
and your small hand slips in my hand
and you whisper in my ear take me away
so we walk bodies close and warm
as chill winds blow from a restless sea.

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