Thursday, June 22, 2017

Mirror Of Infinite Rays

Mirror Of Infinite Rays
© Surazeus
2017 06 22

Stepping through Mirror of Infinite Rays,
Barbie in a mink fur coat returns home
from palace where the Rainbow Jester plays
mad prophet, and demands the Key to Rome.

While I play guitar on Miami street
she appears before me in flash of light,
then leads me to the Titanic to meet
Wizard of Words who commands her Star Fleet.

Touching my forehead with finger of flame,
Goddess of Death washes lies from my brain,
then restores me to life with her new name
which I search for twenty years in green rain.

Soaring her space ship, we follow Dog Star
to meet my teachers at Paris cafe,
Juvenal, Villon, Blake, Ginsberg, and Sar,
who taught me how to compose magic spells.

Sitting in the ruined Museum hall,
inspired by love, I write Grand Testament
describing the Big Bang on jewel wall,
how light coils into every element.

Spinning on the merry-go-round of time,
we evolve from fish to monkey to god,
and though wisdom is saved in obscure rhyme
our leaders still rule with law-flashing rod.

The molecules that constitute our souls
were coiled in the spiral of the Big Bang
and hologram of change from hot black holes
weaves our bodies where the Horse Fountain sprang.

I pluck ripe apple from the Tree of Truth
and offer it to the horse as my friend,
then sell gold horse toys in the market booth
while our laughing children race with the wind.

I feel infinity beam through your eye
so I attend the Museum at noon
to feast and pretend I am not a spy,
hoping to achieve the power of the moon.

I stand on the mountain and gaze at light
to question Heaven and discover why
I am conscious as me with Second Sight,
dreaming Ideas from vast empty sky.

My sense of self is woven in my brain
by the dreams that all my ancestors lived
which generates my soul from sparkling rain
since my life is but accidental gift.

The automatic actions of my hands
were programmed well by survival techniques
when my ancestors explored fertile lands,
swimming deep lakes and climbing sun-gold peaks.

Leaping from the Cave of Shadows at dawn,
Sirius twirls long scepter with Diamond Eye,
then explains I am nothing but the pawn
of giant gods who watch me from the sky.

While reading Runes on bare branches of trees,
as I was singing in Michigan snow,
I heard my secret name whispered in breeze
that sparks soul of Sky Father in brain glow.

I discard every name that I once bore
to hide the secret name of my new birth,
then hang on the wall every mask I wore
while pretending to reign over the Earth.

Now I am King of Nothing with no name
and play guitar while singing by the sea,
then laugh while watching fools contest for fame
since fruit is fertilized by honey bee.

Ascending mountain of peach trees in mist,
I sit before Kwan Yin ten thousand years
who plays her zither at our secret tryst,
so we make love before Earth disappears.

Since Sun Spider sparked life with the Big Bang
she generates worlds in the Flaring Forth,
so we walk by river where peaches hang
and share lost legends by the glowing hearth.

Eight billion people sing inside my head
so I swirl all their dreams in spell of love,
but, after the world spins and I am dead,
sing together among Golden Foxglove.

You will find the ancient book of your life
on dusty shelf in Library of Souls,
so sing your dreams while Bacchus plays the fife
and we will play our own new-written roles.

After you read these words of magic spells
the sparkling letters that beam visions clear
vanish like stone rings in enchanted wells
which reveals our universe is eye sphere.

Stepping through Mirror of Infinite Rays,
Athena leads me to Temple of Words
where we evolve past the next human phase
so we join the choir of twittering birds.

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