Saturday, June 17, 2017

Money Messiah

Money Messiah
Angeliad of Surazeus
2010 11 07

Vision of life spirals like a Rubix Cube
in a thousand television tubes that shift
when singing devil descends glass stairs
and his phony long hair catches on fire
and Darth Raygun chokes spirit out of Jesus
and drops him like a puppet in a starship
that spins illusions over city of robots
until second coming of Money Messiah.

I chase beautiful girl of my secret dreams
through a thousand television studios
when Madonna leaves old stone cathedral
and lives in Hollywood standing in lines
hoping for a big break to be a movie star
auditioning on couches and snorting coke
and rides flashy car down Sunset Boulevard
on a late night date with Money Messiah.

Forty years after we conquered Elf Hitler
we rule this planet with nuclear bombs
Goliath wrestling Ivan over North Pole
where jet planes battle around Santa Claus
and Robin Hood dances high on Berlin Wall
while Voldemort falls asleep in White House
and ninety-nine red balloons over Nuremberg
signal second coming of Money Messiah.

Young boy working in a furniture factory
and walking halls of bible church academy
prays alone at night in green glowing rain
where God appears in a flash of gold light
I will pour out my Spirit into your mind
and you my son will prophesy my truth
and you will dream visions of world history
and warn them all about Money Messiah.

Each day of my life and story that I read
and movie I have seen on television screen
is another vision of our world Rubix Cube
that twirls flashing in crystal flying saucer
soaring across space and time to our world
this small bubble of life floating in space
where billions of people work and eat and die
and worship great invisible Money Messiah.

A billion people gather in church each week
and pray to a god dead two thousand years
crying out for him to return to our world
and solve all problems of hunger and war
and transform chaotic swirl of violent life
into perfect paradise of cooperation and love
so we all rise from death after miserable life
and play harps singing for Money Messiah.

When Luke Skywalker battles tyrant father
and Rocky punches out Russian gladiator
and James Bond rides Pegasus motorcycle
and Rambo defeats Predator in jungle rain
and Spock rises from death on paradise planet
he will come without fanfare from nowhere
bringing you secret key of self-actualization
and you will join new cult of Money Messiah.

For God so loves our crazy chaotic world
of factories and movies and corporate banks
he sends down his only son with three angels
to sing about Lucy in heaven with diamonds
so he rocks our world and makes us all dance
and sings imagine everyone living as one
until a lonely man who wants to be famous
fires gun and shoots down our Money Messiah.

Mount Loowit erupts near Emerald City
and I read holy books of a hundred prophets
and unidentified flying objects disappear
and I gaze at Mount Takoma red at dawn
and iron wall of Russia collapses in rubble
and I walk high in Seattle under green rain
and Cthulhu rises from ice waters at midnight
conquered and tamed by Money Messiah.

Televangelist waves black bible on stage
shouting Jesus died to save you from sins
and gave his blood to redeem your soul
then he drives new Cadillac on highway
and romps with prostitutes in seedy motel
then falls to his knees in television church
weeping and wailing for forgiveness of sins
and old ladies write checks to Money Messiah.

Prophet of God who does not want that job
studies astronomy and literature at college
and walks asphalt streets in black boots
and green wool coat flutters in ice winds
where ancient spirits sing in Paloosa Hills
far away west from empire banks of Babylon
while Lady Liberty weeps in gray acid rain
longing for a sweet kiss from Money Messiah.

Who can reassemble our Rubix Cube world
as prophet of release from religious rules
chants everybody dance wang chun tonight
when Lee Jun-Fan arrives in Golden Mountain
to teach Beaver and Lone Ranger Wu Shu
but dead goddess rises at new crescent moon
and we meditate with Wing Chun in Peach Grove
ignoring get-rich seminars of Money Messiah.

Break free from confines of your fears
and fly with Amadeus over city streets
drenched in rain of a thousand lost souls
who die in car accidents and house fires
and scream murdered by men they love
whose names are written in newspapers
but change channel to another movie special
and laugh with comedian Money Messiah.

Lost prophet of truth wanders lone highways
looking for she who is born under western star
then one day watching a television channel
he sees her singing on a bright-lit stage
shaking long hair and holding a microphone
that glitters like magic wand of ancient witch
who casts a spell of peace and love and faith
on people enchanted by our Money Messiah.

Search through maze of Rubix Cube truth
and watch vision of our world change again
as masks of celebrities and politicians shift
when gods play musical chairs in halls of power
while we work all day in factories and cubicles
weaving straw into gold with blistered hands
then stare entranced at television illusions
beaming from wand of our Money Messiah.

When Zarathustra steps from silk curtain
and lights sacred flame for creator Zurvan
will Athena return to Zarathi on eagle wings
to wield scepter of Melusine as world queen
and white book of Astarius will be revealed
teaching that god is an illusion we create
and secret of life is reincarnation in children
another religion founded by Money Messiah.

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