Sunday, June 18, 2017

Broken Mirror Of Love

Broken Mirror Of Love
© Surazeus
2017 06 18

Clara peels the orange of her heart and smiles.
"Nothing you say makes any sense to me."
Martin trudges desert a thousand miles.
"All I said is that I want to live free."

Clara puzzles the mirror of her mind.
"We are nothing real before we are born."
Martin finds an apple tree without fruit.
"I am not bitter or forlorn at all."

Clara lights a candle before twilight.
"This candle represents my renewed hope."
Martin reaches out to touch the faint star.
"My mind dreamed visions when you played the flute."

Clara watches him in the bowl of water.
"I see you no matter how far you go."
Martin finds a door frame alone on sand.
"Will this door lead back to your secret heart?"

Clara stands silent in the mountain cottage.
"I always think I see you in the mist."
Martin scoops hot sand in his work-callused hands.
"I am the nameless king of all these lands."

Clara sees her reflection in the glass.
"Why am I me and no one else alive?"
Martin watches Mars twinkle by the moon.
"I am every spirit who ever lived."

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