Sunday, August 28, 2016

One Mask Of Many Gods

One Mask Of Many Gods
© Surazeus
2016 08 28

Our eternal spirit of consciousness
wakes in every creature born with a brain
who walks spinning world in terror of hope
and aches with hunger for pleasure of love.

Vibrant energy of atoms awakes
inside our heads when flash of light
conjures virtual hologram of real world
in miniature model our brains design
based on perceptions of our gazing eyes
so we walk around in landscape of dream.

Though I am this solid body of flesh
you see but my ghost in your waking dream.

Rays of sunlight bounce off bodies of flesh
and eyes beam images of bodies bright
to generate models that represent
ideas of those real thing in our dreams.

I sail boat I built down swift-flowing stream
and step on shore lush hill of flower blooms
to pluck plump ripe apples from sprawling tree
then sit on stone and pluck ringing lyre strings.

I sing enchanting rhyme of sparkling words
that conjure spirits from cold cavern gloom
who drink wine from cauldron on crackling fire
and dance around my pyramid of eyes.

I stack stone to build star-gazing spire
where I long to soar high in gusting skies.

Every great god worshipped by tribes of men
were shells of flesh animated by soul
of eternal consciousness we all share
whose face I see on everyone alive.

All gods are symbols living men design
based on people who taught us how to live
so we invoke their spirit to fill our brains
and we imitate them to give them life.

One God, that first single cell who awoke
in swirling sea of light, mother of life,
created every living soul who breathes,
plant and animal, who sprouts from her egg.

One mask of many gods reveals my face
in face of every soul who ever lived,
and will ever live while our spinning world
pulses alive from waves of singing light.

Though you are all ghosts living in my dream
I know that emanation of your souls
issue from source of your atomic shells
to sustain your conscious minds beaming dreams.

So before death breaks our bodies of flesh,
and scatters our souls into mindless gloom,
kiss me and share pleasure of love with me
so we may generate children from seed
who will explore this spinning world awake
long after we vanish into their dreams.

Though I am but one mask of many gods
I want to dream you while I am awake.

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  1. Though I don't agree with some of this poem, I appreciate the insight. Thank you for sharing