Thursday, August 11, 2016

Philosophers As Heroes

Philosophers As Heroes

The great epics of the past presented warriors as cultural heroes who founded the world view of action against the powerful forces of nature as gods.

All religions are book clubs that worship the main character of their founding myth as a supernatural human who defied the gods, and thus became a god.

In the Hermead, epic of philosophers, I present ordinary humans in a world formed of atoms who seek to understand the nature of matter and cause, a world where forces of nature are unconscious, a world where there are no gods, only humans seeking truth.

In the past, poets wrote about gods, warriors, and kings. Since Wordsworth, poets have been writing about themselves, reasoning that their own subjective experience and its messiness might be the only reliable method of understanding themselves and the world.

In the Hermead I write about ordinary humans seeking to understand the nature of the world based on their subjective experience while attempting to discover objective truth in concepts that are universally true outside the mind of the perceiver.

Though few have bought one or more of the 5 out of 7 volumes of the Hermead I have published so far, and though no one has yet written a review, I am very proud of this epic I have written, exploring the lives and ideas of ordinary people whose ideas form the foundation on which our entire civilization is built.

Sales, reviews, teaching jobs, and prizes are all shadows on the cave wall. The fire of truth burns bright in the enchanting words that generate a vast and complete view of the world where we live and die as it spins through the vast infinity of passionate hope.

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