Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Our Paradise

Our Paradise
© Surazeus
2016 08 30

Instead of dragons I see airplanes soar
high over pyramids of steel and glass,
and I hear millions of motor cars roar
as they drink blood of dragons brewed in gas.

Instead of wizards casting magic spells
I see men in suits at computer screens
tracking numbers that calculate work wealth
from factories that produce food with machines.

Instead of kings and ministers in court
who manage peasants in shops, barns, and fields,
I see presidents and lawyers play sport
with laborers whose sons die on battlefields.

How far we have come from medieval days,
escaping oppression of monarchy
when we fought game of thrones in castle maze,
to elect our kings with democracy.

Instead of sharp swords to chop off our heads,
if we refuse to obey their commands,
kings in suits wield money to chain our minds
and control us with invisible hands.

While working to earn money to live well
how can I confirm honor of my soul
through freedom of action in social cell
and progress safe on wheels of self-control?

Ten thousand years our tribes followed wise fools
who fought bloody wars over who plays god
but apple trees blossom from broken skulls
as their brains now fertilize farming sod.

After eating ripe apples in warm sun,
scatter seeds in soil by clear sparkling stream,
then feast and dance, singing with carefree fun,
since our paradise is now a lost dream.

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