Monday, August 29, 2016

Silver Eyes

Silver Eyes
© Surazeus
2016 08 29

We are not what we want to be since time
pushed us off the mountain so we fall far
from the crackling star into stream of ice
that throws us over rocks of hope and faith
and drowns us deep in the bottomless sea
before we can pretend that we are free.

I trudged harsh mountains of bone-freezing ice
ten thousand years toward gleaming flash of light
in search for warm garden of apple trees,
and all the brown of sunlight and fish lakes
was blasted from my skin till I turned white
as snow and vanished from dream of your eyes.

I stared forever into blasting winds
of swirling snow that shrouded trees in death
of frozen horror sluicing in my veins
till lush green hills froze to ice in my eyes
and now my eyes are gray mirrors that shine
more clear than bleak sky over mountain peaks.

With silver eyes I see through swirling mist
ten thousand miles of endless shining hills
that enclose vast wilderness of harsh winds
and jagged peaks where gushing rivers sing
inside ice dome of frozen sky since flakes
of lost souls accumulate tears of ice.

With brown skin, black hair, and brown-river eyes
I ran from slaughter of my family
to follow gushing river of blue ice
while searching for cavern of dancing flames,
and wandered lost so long in swirling snow
I changed into white ghost with silver eyes.

When you look now in my eyes you may see
whatever bright color they reflect back,
small green island in swirling blue sea
where I dance around apple tree and chant
tales of wise snow-dancers who rose from death
and taught me how to inhale sun-warm breath.

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