Thursday, June 11, 2015

Vision of the Hermead Epic of Philosophers

Vision of the Hermead Epic of Philosophers

If anyone thinks that composing the longest epic poem in western literature might be tedious and boring, I assure you the opposite is true. I have spent the past four years while composing the first 119,000 lines of blank verse in the Hermead of Surazeus​ in a state of visionary ecstasy in the few hours every evening that I devote to its composition.

Writing a long narrative poem about the lives and ideas of philosophers is a thrilling adventure of discovery, like watching a long and complicated television miniseries whose plot unfolds as I type, or like designing each tiny piece of an enormous puzzle of human history while I assemble it piece by piece.

I hope people read the Hermead with the same excitement of discovery about the origins of philosophy and science as I feel while writing each tale about the often exciting life of philosophers whose ideas form the foundation of how we view the world and the universe.

Though I have written biographical tales about 26 Greek philosophers so far, this is only a small segment of the tales I hope to write as I plot the development of the history of science that lead to the advanced technological civilization of our modern global society.

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