Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Road Of Salvation

Road Of Salvation
© Surazeus
2015 06 24

The road of salvation where dead men walk
leads nowhere past the glass tower of eyes
where the blind woman with long tangled hair
sings prophecies on how the world was born.

The road of salvation where I now walk
leads me far away from the ruins of church
to the valley of skulls where the blind sun
sings prophecies on why we are alive.

The road of salvation you walk with me
leads somewhere beyond the rainbow of faith
to rough mountain lands where the laughing girl
sings prophecies on how to live reborn.

The road of salvation we ever walk
leads to lake of stars where we were first born
and rose from the sea to reach for the stars
and sing prophecies of moving machines.

The road of salvation our children walk
leads their journey around the spinning globe
where Ishtar standing on the pyramid
sings prophecies on how we dream the world.

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