Friday, June 12, 2015

Language I Invent

Language I Invent
2015 06 12

Three yellow elephants in tutus prance
on telephone lines high above Wall Street
and leap with golden umbrellas to soar
safe above our labyrinth of despair.

While Mozart plays piano in dark lounge
and Cinderella swoons with Humphrey Bogart,
Charlie Manson dances in desert church
and blind angels proclaim him Christ on Earth.

Ten thousand lost children gather at dawn
where Oprah sitting under Tree of Life
gives free apples to all who pay their tithe
though Beethoven hears God in thunder speak.

Ophelia gives me flowers with a kiss
and Bastet purrs on glass pyramid roof,
but if you gamble for your soul and lose
you will sew jeans in factories with no doors.

Star-eyed Lion Queen returns from Waste Land,
bearing Tablets of Law that Moses broke,
after Shaka Zulu conquered cave clown
who rides laughing shark to find paradise.

We follow Robin Hood from city maze
to rebuild Garden of Eden in Utah
where Galadriel appears in light beams
to commission Plato as King of Fools.

When Wild Bill shoots Lone Ranger down at noon
three oil-rich kings from eastern lands will come
to crown nameless girl beauty queen of Earth
but she will try to free their factory slaves.

Though Atlas shrugs and shatters sphere of ice
and Alamo is smashed by swirling floods,
Alice will return at last from Wonderland
and give Meroveus holy grail he lost.

When Lear wakes on Oxford campus at dawn
and watches Mary Magdalene through mist,
Anne Bradstreet will stand in candle-lit hall
and chant long epic tale she never wrote.

Last year in Savannah garden of pears
Keats and Orpheus were seen playing chess,
so I wear mask of Homer and recite
history of man in language I invent.

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