Sunday, June 14, 2015

Swimming In Sea Of Dreams

Swimming In Sea Of Dreams
© Surazeus
2015 06 14

When I sit in pool of shimmering light
and close my eyes, I see clear memories,
that all my ancestors experienced
in aggressive desire to survive death,
flicker in rapid scenes of causal action
on screen of my lids, and thus I relive
intense moments of emotional force
that illustrate communal principles
which program unconscious thoughts of my actions.

We spent so many long billions of years
during slow evolution of our bodies
swimming in sea of dreams that how we think
and perceive functions of this spinning world
is woven into fabric of our cells.

Though we rose dripping wet from swirling waves
at dawn of time, and now walk on two legs,
after crawling rivers to glowing lakes,
and reach two arms toward sky of shining stars,
in our dreams we still swim in sea of light.

When we swim, and float in shimmering light,
we return to where our bodies were born,
and where our souls first woke in conscious dream,
then we rise refreshed to walk solid land,
energized to continue transformation
as we create useful crafts with our hands,
and raise new generation of our souls.

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