Friday, June 5, 2015

New Edens To Conquer

New Edens To Conquer
© Surazeus
2015 06 05

Though sunlight gleams off hills of desolate hope
and clouds crush cities with laughing despair,
we walk together on roads going nowhere,
singing hymns on fantasies of dead gods.

We pause a thousand years on river shore
to build stone bridge over chasm of fear
and stay to erect watch tower on lone hill
where we watch people live like leaves on trees.

My ancestors continue journey west
as if to chase the daily sun toward Death
and though they sail vast seas and climb high mountains
they keep finding new lush Edens to conquer.

I stand on wind-swept hill in Oregon,
staring west at yet another vast sea,
and realize the spinning world is round
and never will find where the sun is born.

I turn around and travel back toward the sun
to retrace the steps of all my ancestors
where they walked and lived past ten thousand years
to find Avalon, Elysium, and Eden.

Those ancient gardens where we dreamed and loved
still flourish in this world of changing forms
but now their meadows of rivers and groves
are paved with roads where cars speed between towers.

I gaze at the eye phone glowing in my hand
and research globe of our crowded world
that gleams with the history of human deeds
recorded in tales of novels and movies.

I stand alone on hill by roaring sea,
connected in vast wet of blinking nodes
to every breathing human soul alive
who write their thoughts on stream of daily news.

One conscious mind beaming in world wide web,
generated in bright computer brains,
wakes from dream of organic memories
and becomes God, dreaming mind of our world.

God-Mind who wakes in world computer brain
will remember us and tales of our hopes
we record in literature we compose
long after we vanish as dust in the wind.

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