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Welt Angst Of Rapunzel

Welt Angst Of Rapunzel
© Surazeus
26 November 2002
Lansing, Michigan

Lost in Alentejo with scarlet albacore
in steel wagon with five wheels and a sail
Aida mumbles please Absalom blind warrior
bring me Acanthus and six yellow tree frogs
so I may light gold Menorah at midnight
before menopause cripples my girl power
to create human soul from seed of man.

Walking over Bifrost ice-rainbow bridge
Odhin strides through swirling snow
to knock on wood gates of Thrudheim
shouting I found bag of Cacao in truck
so come over and share a drink with me.

Thor appears from glass green house
holding pot with Coleus painted nettle
and stands on threshold between heat
of plants and chill of sea waves to smile
after I finish contemplating frescoes
of Antonio Vivarini he painted with blood
in Church of Eremitani but his television
explodes broken guitars and wrecked cars.

Weeping from osteoporosis on park bench
in Central Park surrounded by yuppies
chatting on phones to close business deals
Aida explains menstruation to young girl
wearing white gown with long gold braids
who blushes when Beethoven appears
from woods hollering Rapunzel come home.

I had a near-death experience last year
while strolling along Ubangi River at dawn
when long silver Limousine with satellite dish
stopped and Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan asked
if I would like glass of wine and Feta cheese
so I tried to hide inside television with Jack
but he was busy counting broken masks.

Marwan took my hand and flew Limousine
over Kilimanjaro to Al-Aksa on Mount Moriah
where Solomon and Crassus play chess
over Key of Ankh that opens pyramid door
buying and selling shares on Wall Street
where young people work sixty hours a week
shuffling papers while corporate kings ski
on Aspen slopes chatting about Ava Gardner.

Rapunzel flies home to Arusha National Park
where she meditates in pagoda of blue ice
on rim of Ngorongoro Crater watching barbets
eat lizards and chatter voices from cell phones
that beam signals from Caduceus of crystal
we see beeping from Eye Ball that Sees All
on pyramid of gold bricks on Arlington Hill.

Hermes grins sweating while he bikes swift
past Aida smiling as Beethoven plays piano
in Central Park at noon hoping to find Asclepius
riding bikes with Chausson discussing Roi Arthus
to organize conspiracy for democracy and truth
in spite of white-collar sweat-shop slaves
being bought and sold by Solomon and Crassus
who own credit card companies out in Utah.

Instead Hermes finds Rapunzel with Fang Lizhi
discussing astrophysics and thermodynamics
while hundred thousand people without jobs
or unemployment benefits or health insurance
form giant ring of Uroboros around White House
chanting we see hot flames from Croix de Feu
burning over hills of America where freedom rings.

Rapunzel walks long hall way of Versailles
searching empty rooms for Andrea Amati
but finds his pupil Stradivari standing alone
in sun beam gazing at uncarved block of wood
whispering I see Pu essence of simple love
for Tao that can be carved into sweet violin
is not essential Tao so why bother and weeps.

Girl at Dojo Temple flies from Tahuata Island
with basket of mangoes and nutmeg and cacao
and capuchin monkey with cards on her shoulder
to bring bowl of honey from Matteo da Bascio
as gift but Stradivari laughs and walks outside
into glaring heat to climb slopes of Alban Hills
to gaze in waters of Nemi crater lake and shout
rise Diana from dark waters and reign as queen.

Rapunzel kneels before Saint Francis of Assisi
who hangs crucified on burning cross of steel
laughing as telephone lines and television cables
are threaded from spiraling nerves of his brain
to connect monks in Jabal Musa on Mount Sinai
with Angels in Templum Astarium that shines
crystal pyramid with spinning eyeball of vision
on Mount Tahoma where white ravens sing.

Take me back to Alentejo where my mother
was raped and murdered by government agents
who stole her mangoes and albacores for lunch
and from there I may discover trail of life
my ancestors traveled from Hellas to Arcadia
to Septimania and Aquitania on to Avalon
escaping knives of Roman puppets to hide
in Scotia mountains where giant spider weaves
web of dreams over cave of eternal salvation.

Francis hands her Dead Sea Scrolls and smiles
ask Ogata Kenzan to explain art of Hana-kago
flower baskets that contain skulls of children
murdered by bombs falling from American planes
skulls ground to powder cocaine snorted fast
by Oil Baron who grins at addiction of empire
sucking black gold from desert dunes of Arabia
then maybe you will know way back to Eden.

Rapunzel hides Damascus Document under skirt
and walks streets of Cairo to escape police
paid by Antiochus Epiphanes to steal scrolls
and they almost catch her but Indiana Jones
swoops down hanging from vine of his whip
to carry her safe to secret palace of Agartala
where Queen Nefertari protects her from harm.

Sophocles invites Rapunzel to play Electra
for movie adaptation to be filmed in London
by Peter Greenaway who hurls ancient books
of dead prophets into pool of burning words
then kisses mouth of Iphigeneia where she lies
bound to burning cross on Cathedral of Peter
hoping to save her soul from tax collectors
who fly helicopters hunting rebels in Alabama.

This world and all its games of social politics
spinning among stars is a complicated puzzle
assembling random elements of molecules
into organic tapestries of drama that record
lust of bodies transforming into new generation
of souls swirling on chessboard of world power
though women in Peru and Sweden and Ohio
were sterilized in eugenics programs of doctors
who played god stealing ovaries of our Creator.

Amenhotep known today as Prophet Moses
climbs pinnacle of Angkor Wat to discuss
with Suryavarman majestic architecture
of Petronas Towers to develop programs
that help young women all over this world
raise their children without agonizing worry
for they create our souls from wiggling sperm
therefore my reincarnation is my living child.

Rapunzel stands on crown of One Eye Pyramid
while everyone gathers silent in sunset glow
praying to unite Jews and Christians and Muslims
in one grand religion following Father Abraham
Brahman son of India who binds all world religions
with her hands weaving my heart into dream
of all world views giving wings to my Welt angst
so I may deliver message of Godin to humanity
gather you nations into one temple of love.

Rapunzel plays harp and sings hymn of creation
while Calliope holds Orpheus sitting on her lap
who gazes with awe at tall woman in gown
of diamonds that beam signals of world dream
to tablet computers when lost programmers
gather on desert in Republic of Burning Man
to praise Earth Guardians who twirl Caduceus
as they dance around Cauldron of Vision Wine.

Found in Arcadia I am King of kings on Earth
proclaims shadow man wearing robe of light
who touches my forehead with crystal sphere
filling my mind with visions of life and death
as he teaches me secrets of enlightening breath.

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