Thursday, December 22, 2016

Puppet Of Greed

Puppet Of Greed
© Surazeus
2016 12 22

In the Tower of Love the prophet of truth,
son of Cassandra whom no one believes,
howls wordless into the blustering wind
to warn the Children of Israel with signs
that the king they crowned in the falling snow
will enslave them in his factories of wealth,
unless they defeat the Puppet of Greed.

Robed in his thin tattered messiah gown,
Cassandrus wanders the vast city maze,
staring forlorn into the blank eyes of men
whose trembling hands clutch at thick wads of cash
that change to butterflies and fly away
when he mumbles mathematical spells
before they battle the Puppet of Greed.

He stumbles alone in the falling snow
back to Wall Street through the Valley of Death
though the Raven who rules in Avalon
maps path of his quest through the labyrinth
where eyeless girls sing on tall pyramids
and explains how to win every chess game
to help them battle the Puppet of Greed.

On the bridge of lost souls he stares surprised
to see that Liberty was chained with fear
and forced to slave in factory of wealth
where shiny cars are built by new machines
so unemployed men drink beer in dark bars
instead of farming fruit in their back yards
afraid to battle the Puppet of Greed.

The Angel of Truth with sharp shining sword
strides confident on the chess board of power
and deflects ten thousand nuclear bombs
hurled by the snarling devil in disguise
as the Businessman in the Tower of Pride,
and falls to his knees at barrage of death
while he fights against the Puppet of Greed.

Breathing deep the spirit of selfless love,
Cassandrus rises on wings of desire
to wield the Scepter of Wisdom he forged
from fallen star to smash the Tower of Pride
and breaks chains of fear that blinds minds of men
who aid his war to give justice for all
united to defeat the Puppet of Greed.

United in peace of justice for all,
the people of our world, spinning in space,
gather at the Pyramid of One Eye
where Liberty holds Book of Names and Deeds
and Light of Truth that fills our hearts with love
to join the feast of fruit on globe we share
and celebrate fall of the Puppet of Greed. 

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