Sunday, December 25, 2016

No God Answers

No God Answers
© Surazeus
2016 12 25

On this most holy night of all the year
when millions worship the sun as a man
reborn from death to rule the world with war
I hear children of bombed-out cities cry
to god their parents said lives in the sky,
yet no god answers their sad prayers for help.

What new-born child of homeless refugees
born this night in dark abandoned garage
may rise high through swirling turmoil of war
to campaign well from sea to shining sea
and win our votes to reign king of the land
since no god answers his sad prayers for help.

The sons of Jesus and his Mermaid wife
appear each age to reign as emperor
for though he is dead his spirit is god
reborn each generation to play king
by right of bloody sword that severs heads
while no god answers our sad prayers for help.

Each president that we elect descends
from ancient bloodline of the holy grail,
Jesus, Constantine, Arthur, Charlemagne,
William the Conqueror, to Henry Lionheart,
so we sing in church and proclaim Jesus God
but no god answers our sad prayers for help.

Why must one man out of millions ascend
pyramid of the Ever-Watching Eye
to reign as emperor sea to shining sea
when we would dwell on Utopian farms
in communal peace on lush river shore,
yet no god answers our sad prayers for help.

The dragon erupts from the sea of fire
and roars to burn down the cities of men
so we huddle and pray to empty sky
till the Lion King leads brave warriors
to cast the tyrant down from tower of heaven
since no god answers our sad prayers for help.

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