Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Her Song Enchants My Heart

Her Song Enchants My Heart
© Surazeus
2016 12 21

When I see the poet in a black dress
stand serene before the intimate crowd
in the city bookstore with white brick walls
and read about her grandmother who sailed
across the ocean to escape cruel war,
I see in the sparkle of her black eyes,
and the genial enthusiastic dance
of her lips as she recites secret dreams,
all her mothers of her mothers and fathers
who lived across the past ten thousand years
on the fertile shores of a thousand streams
in the lush meadows of a thousand vales
whose tender love generated her soul,
and her song enchants my heart with pure love.

Without eyes I see the movie of her song
reveal mysteries of love between lost souls
that flash on the horizon in my head
while Orpheus tries to retrieve the dead
by singing spells that beam into our eyes
visions of how we reassemble mask
we wear to hide the animating spark
of conscious desire I forge into key
I slot to open door of ancient tower
where grey-eyed Sibyl writes on crumbling leaves
prophecies that reveal our brave new world
where every soul who ever walked this world
assembles in the stadium of my hope
while her song enchants my heart with pure love.

While sitting at the desk of singing oak
that grows tall from tangled roots of my brain
I open leather book to read my fate
but find that every page is glowing blank,
so I dip quill, delicate wand of truth,
white feather I plucked from dead angel wing,
in ink of blood that bubbles from my heart,
and write the tale expressing deeds and words
of every soul who ever walked this world
so all their memories inside their brains
will be preserved forever on white stone
while these bodies that generate our souls
dissipate to dust that blows in mute wind
since her song enchants my heart with pure love.

I enter in the vision of her song,
like dancing in the veil of swirling mist,
accepting the mask she lays in my hand,
then place it over my face to become
spirit that animates her endless quest
through narrow maze of obstacles she plays
so I can understand well how she feels
while starring in the drama of her life,
and when I wake outside the bounding shell
of shining crystal eyes that guards our globe
I will become the angel I was born
though I attempted to escape its goal
for I still dream the history of our world
though her song enchants my heart with pure love.

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  1. "Poor" guy. Explain as he will, he is still trapped