Sunday, July 30, 2017

My Dead Heart

My Dead Heart
© Surazeus
2017 07 30

She throws a thousand darts into my heart
because she fears I may escape her eyes
so when I would embrace her in my arms
her anger drives me far into the night.

She builds high wall to keep me close to her
but locks the gate and shuts me in the dark
so though she wants to bind me in her heart
she pushes me into the hopeless land.

She dreams inside her mind the part I play
but glares at me in silent wordless rage
because I fail to read her beaming mind
then yells because I sulk inside my cave.

She tries to place gold crown upon my head
and gives me sword that falls from trembling hand
but hidden in cold castle I must hide
from greedy swords that thrust to pierce my heart.

She stands alone in tower on high hill
and weeps while I now wander in cold rain
then kneel beside the gushing stream of love
to wash the wounds that never heal again.

She calls my name in blustering wind of hope
but fallen by the river without name
I watch bright flowers bloom from bitter rain
when apples sprout reborn from my dead heart.

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