Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Flash Of Consciousness

Flash Of Consciousness
© Surazeus
2017 07 05

Each blade of grass that sprouts from spinning Earth
reflects pure rays of light from pulsing sun
that throbs inside the anguish of my heart
when I dream clear the original Flash
that wove vast threads of light in spinning coils
which twang through triangles of molecules.

I remember when the sun was first born
for all the atoms flashing in the cells
of my dreaming brain were forged by its Flash,
then woven into planet of our eyes
so every combination of bright atoms
beams bright with transcendental mind of hope.

The universe of flashing coils of light
is no more conscious than hard chunk of rock
until rain breaks minerals into soil
sucked by roots of trees to blossom ripe fruit
so when I eat the sun and rain combined
I wake and know I am the Universe.

I lie on lawn outside my red-brick home
and feel the round blue sky inside my eye
so when we all together gaze at stars
we see our single universal face
reflected back in mirror of black nothing
where Flash of consciousness hums tune of love.

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