Tuesday, July 4, 2017

My Broken Quill

My Broken Quill
© Surazeus
2017 07 04

The dwarf who dances on your unmarked grave
sold your spirit to the man with no eyes
but you run forever lost in his cave,
hoping to buy back our infinite skies.

Though you claw at the jagged rocks of hope,
seeking the bread of light, baked from live brains,
you tremble shivering on the hill slope
that leads to paradise flooded by rains.

The girl who understands your secret soul
refuses to give you the name you earned
so you hide laughing in the sunless hole
you dug from where the apple trees were burned.

The key that opens the exploding box,
you found in the glass jar in the dark room,
vanished while you were chasing the white fox
who tried to lead you from the house of doom.

The old man who sold you nine coffee beans
now sits on the throne your grandfather built
but while he buries thirteen noble queens
you hide in his oak tree, gnawing on guilt.

The dwarf who built walls around paradise
charges you for apples from your own trees
but since you cannot pay the perfect price
he demands you bottle the perfumed breeze.

The night you tried to rescue from death cave
Rapunzel who whispers your secret name
three owls waited for you in the church nave
but you got lost in the world-power game.

The peak which glows gold in the dawning rays
watches you without commands or advice
therefore after twenty-three hundred days
you dream the perpetual motion device.

The world is one giant eyeball of dreams
that pulses with constant contests of will
but you sit alone by the singing streams,
composing epics with my broken quill.

The map I carved on the cave wall of Hell
might lead you to the great treasure you seek
but since you still hide in the songless well
no one will hear the magic spells you speak.

I cannot help but feel soul-swelling pride
because I molded from broken tree runes
weird song of philosophers who all died
so children learn secrets from blinking tunes.

The tower where Rapunzel raises our child
endures beyond the spinning of the world
until the world chronicle is compiled
that explains how the real universe whirled.

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  1. Interesting way of looking at thing. (but it works)