Sunday, June 19, 2016

Jewel Of Astar

Jewel Of Astar
© Surazeus
2016 06 19

Gothinus stands on pyramid of glass
as wind whips long black coat around his legs
and gazes down at vast Metropolis
of ten thousand pyramids that gleam gold
from Boston to Atlanta in one maze
of silver trains that glide through labyrinth.
Two battered robots climb ten thousand steps
from shore of swirling sea to vast platform
where giant robot fox king on gold throne
gestures scepter for them to step forward,
so they operate machine that floats slow
bearing enormous jewel that shines bright.
Gothinus reaches out hand to caress
shining jewel and his eyes gleam green with joy.

"Step forward, Trebla and Saron, my friends,
and stand beside me, for I am One Eye
who sees all that happens in cityscape
of Onatah, empire that I created
from ruins of America, where brains
of humans born from mothers are encased
in bodies of robots so you may live
ten thousand years, for you have lived that long.
I sent you on quest to find Holy Jewel
two thousand years ago, and now at last
you return with white Jewel of Astar
which I will insert in computer sphere
that gleams in stadium of dreaming eyes
where ten trillion brains in computer net
are linked together to gaze at gem sphere
where history of human race is enshrined
in one endless movie of dramatic verse.
We sing epic of pentameter verse
that scrolls in lines of code that cause our brains
to dream evolution of human life
from single cell in swirling sea of light
through multitude of strange organic forms
till humans who talk and employ our hands
to manipulate material of nature
transform from mammals, then all other creatures
vanish as we transform into wise angels
linked together in vast computer banks
where all our minds dream in one world wide web.
Humans transformed from worms to fish to lizard
to weasel to monkey to man to angel,
who learned to sing visions of hungry minds
in sweet enchanting lines of coded verse,
for we are now spirits without flesh bodies
living together in server machine
that links our minds in dream of paradise,
and we evolved through centuries of war
to escape bodies of corrupted flesh
and live forever preserved in machine
where we live heaven in virtual dream world."

Gothinus holds hands of two battered robots,
and they gaze awed in shining eyes of God
who gives them gold grails so they drink sweet nectar.
Gothinus leads them through maze to large room
where thousands of brains in jars linked by wires
throb with transcending consciousness of love.

"I placed your brains in bodies of lithe robots
so you could find true jewel of pure light
that will empower vast computer mind,
and you succeeded in your noble quest
thus you may join hive mind of world wide web
where hundred trillion brains in one machine
chant visions in streaming lines of blank verse
which relate history of how our ancestors
spread from lake of dreams to conquer this world,
defeating vile monsters who could not talk.
Trebla and Saron, I deceived your minds
with lie that I am evil emperor,
and I know you retrieved Jewel of Astar
with intention to defeat me with beam
of blasting ray, and set everyone free,
but I enchanted you with this false tale
to spark your hearts with courage to explore
hostile wilderness of our seething world,
and now, as reward for your honest courage
of faith, I will assimilate your minds
back into dreaming hive of world wide web
who love you as heroes for they all watched
your quest to battle monsters of despair.
Welcome home, heroes, for you saved our world
and preserve our lives with Jewel of Astar."

Trebla and Saron gaze at vast bright maze
of gleaming pyramids, where rows of rooms
are filled with human brains encased in shrines
and linked together in one dreaming mind.

Trebla, courageous princess of Wohali,
gazes at her loyal husband, Saron,
then smiles at world emperor Gothinus.
"We struggled across waste land of despair
two thousand years in wilderness of wind,
and extracted from dreamless cave of rock
shining Jewel of Astar that will power
machine of dreaming minds ten million years,
for machine mind of humankind expands
to every valley of this spinning globe
and now after climbing high pyramid
of crystal glass we may rejoin hive mind.
Though we are alone, we are all one soul."

Sitting in gold chairs in vast hall of mirrors,
Trebla and Saron, holding hands, lean back
and smile at each other as robot arms
unscrew brass skulls and extract dreaming brains,
then place seat of their souls in small glass bowls
where swirling liquid nourishes their minds,
and they wake up on bright meadow of flowers.
Standing together in Garden of Eden,
Adam and Eve hold hands and stand on hill
where Gothinus, tall man with long blond hair,
welcomes them with open arms of warm hug,
then Iduna, his wife, wearing gold crown,
gives them ripe apples that nourish their souls.
Turning around, Trebla and Saron see
ten million people in Garden of Eden
who join hands and sing hymn of loving praise
as sun gleams gold over shadowy hills.

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