Monday, June 27, 2016

Great Eye of Love

Great Eye of Love
© Surazeus
2016 06 27

When gold-eyed owl on branch of dying tree
flaps wings of hope from slack telephone lines,
I sense return, from dread abyss of time,
wise daughter of Helios in chariot of fire
who wields thunderbolt of justice to strike
down tyranny wearing mask of contempt.

Called forth by golden horn of Solomon,
we rise from graves of sorrow to express
forgotten secrets for how we survived,
encoded through mythical tales of gods
with formulas of archetypal roles
since someone always plays god of each clan.

Though matter of atoms spews from bright well
of soul-generating sun, as bright rays
of mind-enchanting light, we wait for signs
that wise Athena, wielding spear of truth,
returns again to reign on pyramid
where she sees all through jewel of insight.

I hear ringing crack of sunlight at dawn
which beams spiral rays from Great Eye of Love
illuminating caverns of our souls
since none escapes finality of death
which clarifies how flames of Phoenix burn,
transforming weird world into paradise.

Though ancient states we thought would never end
vanish in wrenching whirlwind of swift change,
we welcome progress that remodels truth
to mutate paradigm which guides our steps
when acting on grand stage of public power,
and dictates speech in role we choose to play.

I assemble nation states of this world
in one global puzzle of tribal games
and transform every holy gathering hall
into one universal church of faith
in human genius to present all tales
of good people as heroes of one myth.

Sharing stories of people we admire,
famed tribal founders whose heroic deeds
established performance of act and speech
we imitate in routine social roles,
is essence of religion that rebinds
our hearts with common tales which guide our way.

Beyond all bounds of time and space we sense
Great Eye of Love awake inside our minds,
and at that moment spirit of true love
transforms our mortal minds to divine soul,
then all our minds connect in ring of light
which beams in harmony of flowing song.

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