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Infinite Eye Of Light

Infinite Eye Of Light
© Surazeus
2011 06 10

Crawling on wild sandy dream-soaked sea shore,
he crouches in cracked skull of giant monster
that crawled from sunless depths ten thousand years
before his hour of heart-aching hunger for love,
and peers astonished through infinite eye of light.

Huddling inside arching dome of white bone,
small furry creature with bright eyes and no tail
shivers from chill wind cutting timeless glow
of motionless sun that floats over restless waves,
and watches his life from infinite eye of light.

Who are you, vast shining god of blazing heat
beaming gold wind that soaks my fragile soul
in glistening drops of rain that tingle my tongue,
and soaks my eyes in dreams of spinning hope,
and watches me struggle from infinite eye of light.

I was not alone, living in sprawling tree of fruit
with a hundred leaping chattering fellow souls
whose faces mirror mine with eyes and mouth
and hands that caressed my soul as I caressed theirs,
copies of myself reflected by infinite eye of light.

Since I first opened my eyes at dawn of time
I looked in eyes that gazed deep in my hungry mind
and touched faces whose mouths sang love tunes
and hands gave me fruit that waked my heart to sing,
and sparked dreams of life from infinite eye of light.

I see your faces and eyes when I close my eyes,
but when I open my eyes your spirits dissipate,
and I hear your voices that spark dreams in my eyes
but words echo, silenced by cold moaning wind,
and I am nothing but fear in infinite eye of light.

Staring at far distant sun, huge over shining sea,
he sees face of his mother fill its golden sphere,
eyes blinking bright as she gazes into his eyes,
then her voice speaks in wind caressing his hair,
so he cries, are you my mother, infinite eye of light?

My child of stone and rain and wind and flame,
I created you from holy spirit of your father
when his eager love filled my heart with desire,
so our two souls merge in your one aching hope,
but we have returned to infinite eye of light.

He claws fingers into soft shimmering cold sand
and feels ocean waves pounding beat of his heart,
and gasps breath of wind that sways wild trees,
and beams light of red sun when he opens eyes,
then moans, I am everything in infinite eye of light.

I close my eyes and nothing is vast silent blank
seething shapeless breath of fierce throbbing lust
to eat my heart and taste sizzling fruit of faith,
but open my eyes and everything glows in shape,
so maybe I look at myself from infinite eye of light.

Endless black nothing of sound-shuddering night
embraces my sense in shivering hands of wind
to float mindless on timeless waves of blind desire,
but searing beam of light rips awake my dream,
and I stand hungry, bathed by infinite eye of light.

He stares down at glittering pool of blue light
among diamonds and sea shells and dragon scales,
and sees his own face similar to face of his father,
but rippling wind scatters vision of his frail self,
so he smiles and peers at gold infinite eye of light.

New vision appears on gleaming mirror pool
of large serpents with fluttering purple feathers
which crawl swift into their sprawling tree of fruit
jaws of sharp teeth ripping bodies of his family
who screamed, devoured by infinite eye of light.

I ran terrified, escaping jaws of ripping hunger,
and here I stand still alive, he gasps, clutching chest,
then grips his head at memory of painful cries
that scream still in wind shuddering on sea shore,
and feels himself swell from infinite eye of light.

Maybe others escaped like me and wander lost,
he shouts, leaping over logs back into dark woods,
and crouches behind rock near his sprawling tree
to see serpents lounging on branches of his home,
which flutter rainbow wings in infinite eye of light.

Safe in cozy nest where my mother raised me,
feeding me fruit and teaching me how to sing,
now wordless serpents sleep in secure peace,
bellies digesting bodies of my mother and father
whose souls watch me from infinite eye of light.

Leaves rustle as someone stifles aching sobs
that startle him to leap in shadow of blind despair
where he finds three sisters of hundred-soul clan
who huddle terrified inside tangle of berry vines,
and hide their eyes from infinite eye of light.

He kisses soft red lips and caresses warm heads,
so they smile and cry in joy as eyes glisten tears,
but hush and freeze when serpents in fruit trees
stir and turn large heads toward noise in shadows,
and they hide secret from infinite eye of light.

How can we drive dragons from our fruit tree,
he ponders, watching them lounge in his nest
and thinks about how to crush their hard skulls,
then remembers his father swinging an iron bar
to crack turtle shells with infinite eye of light.

Crawling slow and silent through tangled vines,
while three girls wait and watch him with hope,
he finds iron bar among cracked turtle shells
and lifts its heavy beam of hard ancient power
that beams his heart with infinite eye of light.

Heart pounding fierce as bright lightning booms,
he creeps toward home tree in hunter stealth,
but pauses terrified at sight of crushing jaws,
then remembers voices of many singing souls
whose eyes gleamed with infinite eye of light.

Counting five serpents nesting in his home tree,
he approaches young quickest female first,
who rests snorting head on a stone at tree roots,
while males lounge draped on branches above,
then prays, give me strength, infinite eye of light.

Gripping iron bar, he swings it down hard,
and shouts, I strike like black-storm lightning,
as he whacks skull of startled serpent stunned
that shrieks thrashing as he beats in wild hope,
defeating evil dragon with infinite eye of light.

Aroused by shrieking death cries of their mate,
four male serpents see a man striking her hard,
and skitter down tree trunk with snapping jaws,
screaming in blind rage to rip his soul in shreds,
but he howls triumphant in infinite eye of light.

Pounding his chest in victory over death
he brandishes iron bar splattered with blood,
and bares teeth to hiss at attacking serpents,
who lunge snapping jaws to rip out his heart,
as fierce battle rages under infinite eye of light.

Hearing his howls of battle in shadowed woods,
dozens of his people, who survived first attack,
return to see him standing alone by fruit tree
and swinging long iron bar in frenzy of battle,
so they shout in joy under infinite eye of light.

Gripping stones and clubs, they gather close
and form a circle around snapping serpent jaws,
then shriek, and hurl stones, and swing hard
until two serpents still alive lunge in blind fear
to scurry vanishing from infinite eye of light.

Cheering in triumph, and leaping high with joy
to hug each other tight and gaze in blazing eyes,
they surround their brother gripping iron bar
and lift him on their shoulders to celebrate life,
and his heart shines love for infinite eye of light.

Cutting open serpent bellies with iron bar tip,
he rips out their hearts and sucks hot blood,
then wears serpent head with open gaping jaws
like crown on his head with skin as flowing cape,
and parades to play god from infinite eye of light.

Stacking stones, they build small flat ziggurat
on ocean shore and cast a high blazing fire,
then roast serpent meat sizzling in turtle shells,
and feast, laughing and singing by rolling waves
to celebrate victory under infinite eye of light.

Ascending ziggurat to stand on its high plat,
he spreads both arms wide as everyone kneels,
and sings prayer, great creator of this huge world,
you gave me strength to defeat evil and save
souls of my people to live in infinite eye of light.

I wandered lost and terrified in dark night,
driven away from tree of fruit in paradise
by dragon of hate that devoured human souls,
but you filled my heart with courage and love
and guided my way home with infinite eye of light.

I did not know who I was or why I am alive,
floating blind and mute on vast abyss of fear,
but you opened your eye of warm shining love
and raised me from death with spirit of second life
by filling me with soul from infinite eye of light.

Three girls dip hands in oil of messeh serpent
and anoint his skin till he shines naked white,
then they crown his head with tall serpent head
and proclaim him Messiah, our dragon slayer
who reigns with love under infinite eye of light.

Crowned with his gaping-mouth serpent head,
and cloaked in long robe of jewel-scaled skin,
he sits on ziggurat throne before red flames
and holds iron bar scepter as everyone gathers
and sings hymns to praise infinite eye of light.

Ten thousand years later we celebrate his triumph
when Uranos fought and slew dragon of hate
for he created ritual of our holy temple feast,
wearing serpent head and holding scepter trident
to feed all souls who worships infinite eye of light.

We follow you, dragon-slayer and bridge-builder,
son of god who defeats dragons to save souls,
and gather every seven days in temple of peace
to remember your victory with feast and songs
on quest for truth shining from infinite eye of light.

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