Saturday, February 27, 2016

Perfect Ring Of Light

Perfect Ring Of Light
16 February 2009
Jacksonville, North Carolina

A single drop of pure blue water falls
from blazing eye of our golden sun
and splashes on surface of still pond,
sending ripples in perfect ring of light.

A big bang of energy bursts in flash
that flares forth in flames of god soul
to spiral stars in web of shining eyes,
spinning galaxies in perfect ring of light.

A ball of gas swirls to form our sun
in giant crystal spider of dreaming eyes
that weaves Earth from atomic threads,
gleaming molecules in perfect ring of light.

A chain of carbon slithers in blue sea
to link molecules in elements of life
and form spirals of deoxyribonucleic acid,
dreaming alive in perfect ring of light.

A ball of spirit swims in sea of dreams
when smiling eye penetrates her heart
so their spirals curl in a sparkling dance,
generating a soul in perfect ring of light.

A girl and boy dance together by a lake,
hearts beating with desire for a kiss,
and their souls merge in a glowing flash,
creating new life in a perfect ring of light.

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