Friday, February 12, 2016

Ghosts From Stars

Ghosts From Stars
© Surazeus
2016 02 12

So many pretty people in weird world
want to be my friend on the social networks
but I cannot tell by their sparkling eyes
if they are real humans or ghosts from stars.

I dance slow in the labyrinth of your eyes
bringing you good news about a new savior
who waits for you on distant nameless world
to cross the blind desert with ghosts from stars.

We surf the cosmic waves of super light
that ripple from two colliding black stars
woven by twanging strings Apollo plays
so dance around the fire with ghosts from stars.

I descend the Grand Canyon of Illusion
and find the oldest woman in the world
weaving my brain from sticky strands of light
when she molds new bodies for ghosts from stars.

When I was a young man in Palouse hills
a vision flashed before my double eyes,
Sun Spider Goddess molding life from light,
so I write new bible for ghosts from stars.

I build a tower of stone on nameless hill
somewhere between Avalon and Idaho
to record your dreams in new epic tales
which reflect the mirror of ghosts from stars.

I love you all who walk this world with me
though I know not yet your stories or names
for we are puppets of Sun Spider Mind
who animates our souls with ghosts from stars.

Come, climb my pyramid of midnight hope
when Ishtar beams down on whole ray of light
and fills our eyes with dancing words of love
so we return home to play ghosts from stars.

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