Monday, October 26, 2015

Supergirl Will Save Us All

Supergirl Will Save Us All
© Surazeus
2015 10 26

Supergirl leaps into the silver sky
and soars streaking like lightning strike of Zeus
to save humanity from smirking tyrants
while refugees drown on Italian coast.

Supergirl dangles from the twanging wires
and fans blow her hair while cameras record
her swift flight across blue screen of illusions
while Mahdi pushes poets off mosque roofs.

Supergirl will save us all from disaster,
Dea ex Machina from sparkling clouds,
and flirts with Thor between times filming scenes,
while Ahmed smashes heads of men with hammers.

Supergirl saves the steel-glass tower bank
from airplanes hijacked by grim terrorists,
while thousands of girls are kidnapped and raped
by angry men who pray to an empty tomb.


  1. I enjoyed watching the show Supergirl, but kept thinking of the dichotomy in our culture between superheroes in television shows, and the reality that we are all normal humans, and no gods or superpowerful people, like Jesus or Batman, exist in real life.

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