Thursday, September 3, 2015

We Are Clusters Of Atoms

We Are Clusters Of Atoms
2015 09 03

Donavan meditates on yoga mat
under willow tree by sparkling blue stream,
and stretches arms above his head to clap
as seven people in circle relax.
"I stretch my soul along hot asphalt roads
while driving engine-powered time machine
through ten thousand years of lost history
that shimmers in timeless fields where sunlight
weaves our flesh bodies from chemical swirls
in tapestries of bold dramatic action.
Like shining slime of white spiritual juice,
my soul trails behind my urgent expression
in spiraling ribbons of angel wings,
so hot atoms from animals and plants
I consumed, and assimilated whole
in vibrant rainbow soul, sparkle in clouds.
Wherever we go in maze of this world,
this enormous globe of molecules clumped
in thick spiraling sphere of atoms spewed
from blazing sun, we integrate our souls
in physical substance of cluttered time,
for time is chemical process of change."
Donavan opens his eyes and regards
attentive students with adoring sneer.
"We are all nothing more than talking fish
who swim together in shimmering air,
on endless search for biomass to eat
so we sustain aggressive force of life
that sparks sizzling ache of hungry desire
to beam visions showing how we survive.
My mouth is shaping expelled gusts of air
to cause subtle sounds which activate drum
of conception to throb inside your ear,
which sparks signals shining into your brain
and causes neural network to beam bright
vision of objects expressed by my words.
We are clusters of atoms that vibrate
with music of memory, and devour
other clusters of atoms to restore
beaming vision that flickers in our eyes,
so we stand in shimmering waves of light
that weave our bodies bright with rainbow soul."
Donavan stands, so they all hug and kiss,
and walk from park to drive purring cars home,
while he opens door to enter white box
where robot drinks juice to nourish his brain.

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