Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Royalty Factor

The Royalty Factor

The royalty factor is the most consistent marker that determines who wins election as President of the United States.

Every person who has been elected President of the United States is a descendant of King Edward I Longshanks of England. Whoever has more royal genes tends to win the most votes, and most of the time they win the election. Bush has slightly less royal genes than Gore and Kerry which is why they won more votes, but since they are all three so closely related and equal in royal blood, Bush had people help him cheat so he "won".

Though he is half African, Obama is also half European, and on his mother's side he is closely related to all the previous Presidents. Obama has far more royal genes than both McCain and Romney which may explain why he easily beat them both in the elections.

In the current election, the only person I knew for sure has royal genes is Jeb Bush, but recently I read an article that explains that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both descended from King Edward I through John of Gaunt, the son of King Edward III.

Hillary is descended from John of Gaunt's daughter Joan Beaufort and Donald is descended from his son John Beaufort, both the children of his wife Katherine Swynford. They were the younger half-siblings of Henry Bolingbroke who crowned himself King Henry IV.

Bernie Sanders is Jewish, Ted Cruz is Hispanic, and Ben Carson is full African, so none of them have a chance at all.

People in the United States who are descended from King Edward I are more genetically predisposed to being good at campaigning and reigning. I think there is no other explanation than genetics for why the descendants of English kings always succeed in getting elected as President of the United States.

I am voting for Hillary Clinton​.

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