Sunday, July 24, 2016

Holy Cave Of Hope

Holy Cave Of Hope
© Surazeus
2016 07 24

Though we hide in cave of fear twenty years
we weave the ancient stars into our eyes
and follow rivers fountained by our tears
to build secret homes under nameless skies.

We leave her sleeping in the cave of dreams,
our mother who sailed over storm-wild seas,
and take our children along sunlit streams
to play in flower meadow with cool breeze.

Yet every winter when the snows fall white
we gather in the holy cave of hope
to sing around the ever-glowing light
and feel the moon shining on the steep slope.

Expanding my soul beyond its dark space,
I wander through the endless silent maze
and gaze in the pool that reflects my face
where Mary taught us solemn hymns of praise.

Our father reigned as king on distant throne
until the empire hung him on the cross
so now I wander in these woods alone
and feel no sorrow for that bitter loss.

I plant the seed of our house in new soil
and tend the tree of Jesse that sprouts tall
from hills of Gaul at my devoted toil,
protecting our haven with secure wall.

Our nation spreads out from that holy cave
so we build watch towers and reign as kings
two thousand years with the Grail and the Clave,
building new vast empire with swords and rings.

The holy Blood of Israel in our veins
flows from the womb of Mary to all tribes
who lead all peoples free from hateful chains
in wars for freedom chronicled by scribes.

When all are free from superstitious faith
and every king who reigns with tyranny
is overthrown to banish divine wraith,
we build one-world way of democracy.

We fought old empire of social control
but built new empire of faith in dead god,
so when I step on stage I play new role,
crownless king with writing pen as my rod.

My ancestors over two thousand years
traveled from the Holy Cave of Hope west
so now I drive swift car with spinning gears
and sit with my family in quiet rest.

We live now while our father-god is dead,
so, though their spirits glow within our hearts,
today we sit to drink wine and eat bread
and plot our future course on global charts.

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