Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Winged Wizard Of Lightning

Winged Wizard Of Lightning
2016 02 02

When Agnes was pregnant with second son
and Easter moon shone gleaming blue at dawn
we glided like gold deer in misty woods,
gathering eggs and herbs in baskets we wove.

While gathering mushrooms and apples by pond
where our husbands catch plump delicious fish
a raven blacker than moonless midnight
flew down from gloom and flapped before her face.

Agnes started backward in shocked surprise,
hand clutching at her swiftly beating heart
and then she turned to stare at us with eyes
large as the moon when our blood flows each month.

So when her son was born mid-summer eve
no one was surprised to see that he
was born with a pair of black raven wings,
and his nose was long and sharp like a beak.

Her Robin is wild and undisciplined
and loves to roam in ancient misty woods
and even when he turned twelve years ago
no one had ever heard him speak a word.

One time my sister Bethany told me
she was returning from the church at noon
and saw him dancing in an apple grove
surrounded by fairies with rainbow wings.

We know his father Oberon, weird king
of ancient woods who rules in stonehenge hall,
taught Robin secrets of the trees and flowers,
and how to erect high towers of stone.

Last year when Edward went to market town
he said he saw on distant sun-lit ridge
that black-haired boy in long black flowing hood
running with wolves who transformed into boys.

I think he dwells now in that ancient cave
in rocky cliffs where wise Merlin once dwelled,
where Vicar Jacques saw him on gleaming beach
conjuring thunder storms from surging waves.

Ten years ago in ancient ring of stones
the white-robed druids, wizards of live trees,
crowned him Raven King over Avalon
to guard our misty isle from thieving tribes.

Then last month I saw him with my own eyes
appear in window of that moss-slimed tower
that stands alone above bright waterfall
and peer through diamond at the twinkling stars.

My brother says that Robin traveled far
on flying wand to mountains of Gerthmania
where he learned how to mix potions in cauldrons
that cause people to change to animals.

So now this latest news I tell today
relates the strangest mystery yet seen
how Robin hurled lightning from magic wand
and defeated Sheriff of Nottingham.

King Richard Lion-Heart lead royal army
to fight Salahadin for golden Crown,
that Jesus wore when he came down to Earth,
but he was captured and locked in a castle.

His brother Johan sent tax collectors out
to raise enough gold to ransom our king
and free him from chains so he can come home,
but left our pockets empty of gold coins.

When Robin dared defy his tax collector,
Prince Johan exiled him from Hedingham
and how he leads wild gang in Sherwood Forest
who steal from the rich and give to the poor.

While we were riding with two chests of gold
to visit cathedral in Sorbiodunum
swift Robin Hood appeared from misty grove
and requested donation from our hands.

Weeping to see how poor peasants live,
huddled half naked and starving in huts,
I offered ten coins with generous love
and winged wizard smiled in feather hood.

But Sheriff of Nottingham then appeared,
aiming sharp sword at heart of Robin Hood,
and demanded he surrender to justice,
so I feared noble hero would be hanged.

Robin raised his arm that held shining wand,
carved from dark oak to resemble a dragon,
and cast a spell that called on Mercurius,
which caused flash of light to explode in flame.

I cast my eyes at face of Nottingham
and saw his head explode in burst of blood
as if bright bolt of lightning struck his head
which shattered like an egg struck by a rock.

With my own eyes I saw Nottingham fall,
though he was standing fifty paces far,
when Robin aimed magic wand at his head
and cast beam of light that struck tall man dead.

That Robin Hood is our great Raven King
who rules this isle of mist with magic wand,
most powerful wizard who controls weather
and can strike people dead with beams of light.

When Raven startled his mother that dawn,
we knew that Robin was chosen by Odin
to reign as Giver of Justice and Good,
so he wears long hood to hide angel wings.

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