Friday, May 15, 2015

Elegy for B. B. King and Franz Wright

Anansi And Loki Dance Again
2015 05 15

Elegy for Bee Bee King and Franz Wright​.

When the blazing meteor that flames bright
transforms into a singing butterfly,
I dance into the city to see why
the open doors are flashing eyes of light.

I find the bar that everyone attends,
winding labyrinth of coffins where clowns
place books they write on clean grocery store shelves,
and touch the golden stage of fame and glory.

Anansi twangs electric steel guitar
and wails the blues that weaves our brains with thread
of zinging particles from Outer Space
when Bee Bee King spreads wide gossamer wings.

Loki leaps and gyrates with microphone
before broken statue of blind Apollo
and howls poetic spells that make stars spin
when Franz Wright spreads his Batman cape and laughs.

Whichever Psychopomp you choose to follow
through labyrinth of Gotham to Elysium
past sizzling neon signs that flash your name,
remember when we rose from Lake of Dreams.

Hold hands and form an endless human chain
that unites our minds sea to shining sea
in dancing ring around the rosy bush
where Anansi and Loki sing our dreams.

Their eyes are flashing galaxies of hope
while dancing on the peak of Devils Tower,
and twanging guitar shoots fireworks of music
flashing words of poems in Milky Way blast.

We are the champions of justice and truth,
howl Anansi and Loki as they play
tricks of illusion that reveal our souls
vibrating beams of light from dreaming brains.

Now I am singing the fallen clown blues
when spirits of Bee Bee King and Franz Wright
shoot fireworks of laughter at pain of life
and light the dreary night with anguished cries.

We all will die at turning of this world
and light of our atoms join the Milky Way
so we will sing the vibe of desperate joy
and howl together at the midnight moon.

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