Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Atheist Bible

After a year of writing, I have complete a first complete draft of the first part of my epic about evolution and scientists.

I am working on writing an epic in blank verse I call Hermead about evolution and scientists, to describe the origin of life, and the lives of scientists, as accurately as possible. So far over the past year I have written 34,000 lines of blank verse about the lives of 15 Greek Philosophers.

Religion is essentially a set of beliefs based on a body of text that present a description of how the universe works. Preferably we improve our text as we improve our knowledge over the centuries. The best text describes reality as close as possible, nature and society.

Sometimes I jokingly refer to my epic about evolution and scientists as a new atheist bible, but I don't intend it to be that serious. My epic is more of a literary and artistic presentation of scientific ideas and biographies of scientists who developed modern civilization and knowledge. 

Three short excerpts from my epic poem the Hermead.


Aristotle http://open.salon.com/blog/surazeus/2012/03/03/categories_and_motions


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