Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Idol Of Their Personality

Idol Of Their Personality
© Surazeus
2018 10 31

The people depicted in sculptures, paintings,
and texts of stories, poems, and songs persist
forever trapped in their timeless ideal form,
changeless in captured process of their action,
so soul of their conceptual character
exists immortal through record of life
which waits static outside motion of change
till the dreaming mind of some living soul
perceives art that preserves their pure persona,
then figure of arranged colors, shaped stone,
or verses of letters conjures to life
strange shining idol of their personality.

Those people once existed in warm flesh,
alive like us as meat-packed skeleton
that nurtured particular brain of neurons
which motivated desire of their will
to perform singular role in the game
of social interaction through hard contest
of lust to express special character
that unique set of memories generates,
so they played great role on vast stage of life
bold enough that people who saw them act
recorded their deeds and words with true art,
preserving idol of their personality.

This concept of the changeless ideal form,
preserved forever in great works of art,
which reveal the timeless beauty of truth,
was well-expressed by the English poet Keats
who wrote his name on water of our tears,
so now we see preserved in marble statues
immortal character of human beings
frozen in swift action of tragic conflict
or romantic congress, about to kiss
but always suspended in memory,
so every new generation of people
will perceive idol of their personality.

The moral values of their preserved actions,
which depict process of cause and effect
through construction or destruction of structures,
composed of molecules that congregate
to become living souls with consciousness
then dissolve to base elements at death,
are dramatized by actions of great heroes
whose complex lives of imperfect desire
are simplified as stereotypes of myths,
and thus preserved by works of art to show
how bold actions lead to marriage or war,
which displays idol of their personality.

How shall I act in drama of my life
so late in epic tale of human history
to regenerate mental memories
of constructive genes by reincarnation
of my eternal soul, coded in cells
of chemical soup, through bodies of children,
so they preserve memories of our ancestors
through every action of their daily lives
when they navigate maze of hungry hopes,
guided by tales of failure and success
as truth depicted in beauty of art,
conjured by idol of their personality.

Once Keats was living man of flesh and blood
who sat alone in grove of fluttering trees,
composing odes about immortal ideals
preserved by beautiful works of true art,
but he is gone, and vanished in the wind,
yet still he sits unchanging in that grove,
hand holding quill over book of blank pages,
forever writing about youthful lovers
on pristine Grecian urn, about to kiss
yet floating in timeless pleasure of bliss,
himself now immortal work of great art,
singing sweet idol of their personality.

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