Monday, July 30, 2018

Keats Writing Odes In The Garden

Keats Writing Odes In The Garden
© Surazeus
2018 07 30

While sitting in the garden by the tree
I feel bright vision of frail human life
glow clear before my spirit-dreaming eyes,
so I write letters on blank page of paper
to capture reflection of blazing truth
as my soul expands scope of its perceptions
till my body dissolves in beams of joy
and I become everything that exists,
conscious of eternity flowing far,
transforming into God from flaming star.

Then rain clouds billowing from the wild sea
cover the blazing sun with gentle hands
so I float forever on waves of light
till hunger hurls me back into my body
where I wake from revery in wood chair,
diminished from limitless mind of God
to buzz aware inside my own small mind,
then looking up from skull of dizzy brain
I see the sun flares through limbs of the tree
coagulate with rain into ripe fruit.

Reaching out my hand with aggressive hope,
I pluck ripe fruit from ancient Tree of Life
and bite into its hard rind of wet light
to taste the restless sorrow of the sun
that sparks sharp ache of hunger in my breast,
then look at page of paper on my lap
to see what mysteries of life and death
I succeeded to encode in lithe verse,
and as my eyes scan black letters of thought
those weird visions flash again in my eyes.

How like Orpheus, strumming lyre of Hermes,
ascending from the lightless cave of shadows,
to lead his Muse from silence of despair,
I here express weird visions of my eyes
and capture clear in sweet elegant verse
eternal concepts of timeless perception
which animate the anguish of our hearts,
so from the gloom of speechless death we rise
and bring from horror sacred truths of love
that shine as lamp of truth to guide lost souls.

How far beyond my naked mortal self
my mind transcended bounds of aching hope
to flow in sympathetic streams of love
through every object of matter I feel
till I became creative mind of God
where high above the crystal sphere of light
I mold all things from eternal ideas
through power of words to create whole new worlds
that shine in minds of people who read verse
which flow from my fingers to this white page.

Writing odes in the garden of delight,
I dream the structure of material light
which shimmer lightning under surface skin
to animate each object I perceive,
so when I comprehend nature of things
I soar in sweet song on angelic wings
to capture in eternal words of verse
ephemeral vision of atomic soul,
and though my mind disintegrates to dust
my words shine forever so you dream truth.

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